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25th June 2022 (8 Topics)

25th June 2022

QUIZ - 25th June 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Q1. “In the last few decades, the BRICS grouping has become one of the most fundamental forces in the international geo-economic landscape.” In the light of this statement, examine India’s role in BRICS. (150 words) 


  • Introduction- BRICS and its emerging significance for the world
    • influence in the international arena
    • key control lever of global processes
    • Collective leadership
  • Discuss India’s role
    • Growth Maker for Other BRICS Countries
    • South Asian Trade
    • India is considered as a strong voice in the BRICS and the UN
  • Briefly discuss challenge for the BRICS
    • China’s hegemony
    • Domestic and socioeconomic issues 
    • development of a new global model of governance which should not be unipolar but consolidated and constructive
    • negative scenario of unfolding globalization
    • not to hamper the growing potential of the BRICS by the pole confrontation with the West
  • Suggest spheres for cooperation 
  • Conclude accordingly 




In a significant curtailment of women’s rights, the US Supreme Court has overturned Roe v/s Wade, 1973 landmark decision giving women in America the right to have abortion before the foetus is viable outside the womb (24-28 weeks mark).

Reproductive rights of the women:

Based on the multiple definitions of reproductive rights, it can be said that they include some or all of the following rights –

  • Right to safe and legal abortion: Women should be provided with safe and legal abortion measures, in order to secure the Right to Life with dignity.
  • Right to control one’s reproductive functions: Women should be entitled with the bodily autonomy with respect to her own body and conditions of pregnancy and reproductive functions.
  • Right to access in order to make reproductive choices free of coercion, discrimination and violence
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