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25th March 2023 (11 Topics)

25th March 2023

QUIZ - 25th March 2023

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  • Prime Minister Fumio Kishida chose India to unveil Japan’s Indo-Pacific strategy.

About Indo pacific strategy of Japan:

  • Free and Open Indo Pacific (FNOIP): Japan has insisted that Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP’s) contemporary relevance goes beyond regional security concerns, and it will be the defining feature of the new global order. 
  • Curbing china: While the ostensible focus of the strategy would be to promote a FOIP, the initiative is aimed at “curbing China’s growing regional assertiveness,” Japan Times reported.
  • Rules-based international order: The plan is designed to maintain a rules-based international order across the Indo-pacific region.

Why to curb rise of China:

  • Clash of world orders: China intends to undermine the existing liberal global order and replace it with a more hegemonic and less liberal order dominated by it.
  • Violating national boundaries: China disregarded sovereign national boundaries in the name of historical claims and disputed the mandates of international agencies.
  • Conception of the universe as tianxia: Traditional Chinese wisdom looks at the conception of the universe as tianxia — everything under the heavens with China as the central authority and all other states as tributaries. It is this hegemonic and authoritarian order that Kishida wants the world to reject.
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