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2nd February 2023 (7 Topics)

2nd February 2023

QUIZ - 2nd February 2023

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  • The fact that women have progressed since Independence is a myth and we need to acknowledge that the nation cannot progress if half of it is held back.

Vision for development of women:

  • Free from social boundaries: Every woman’s enterprise and individuality are recognised and she must be free from the shackles of hackneyed traditions, distorted social perceptions, and contradictory standards of morality.
  • Enable to be financial independent: Enabling women to own property and safeguard their interests, to being economically independent and leaving their mark in the business space.
  • Being part of growth: Indian women have seized the reins and developed a vision in tune with global developments.

Reality for Women:

  • Less women representation: Only 15 and 14 per cent of MPs in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, respectively, are women; 11 women feature in the council of ministers; just 26 per cent of the selected candidates for Civil Services were women.
  • Less self-sufficient and still dependent: Only 23.3 per cent are in the labour force; only 20.37 per cent are MSME owners; only 10 per cent of start-ups in India have women founders.
  • Serving less than their proportion: As women accounts for half of the population, but only contribute 18 per cent to the nation’s GDP.
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