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9th March 2023 (8 Topics)

9th March 2023

QUIZ - 9th March 2023

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  • In December 2022, the AIIMS database suffered a ransomware attack, in which such malware can travel through inter-connected devices compromising the whole system. This concern is now elongated to security of 5G services connected to Internet.

Benefits from 5G services:

  • Provide high speed data: 5G services will deliver higher multi-gigabytes per second peak data speeds with ultra-low latency, enhanced capacity and better user experience. 
  • Built a smarter technology: An increase in the bandwidth to gigahertz will bring our devices online and make them smart with built-in Siris and Alexas. The Internet of Things (IoT) enabled by 5G will be the next stage of smarter living.
  • Protect confidential data: protocols protect the confidentiality of interconnected devices. Whether telecommunication firms will adopt the standards depends on the investments they can afford.

Concerns surrounding 5G services:

  • A Pre-mould structure: The initial wave of 5G will be built on existing 4G infrastructures; therefore, it will inherit vulnerabilities of the past.
  • Exposed to cyber-attacks: More devices connected to the internet increase the scope of cyber-attacks.
  • Dependence on Imports: Privacy concerns are bound to multiply as the number of devices increases and parts being imported from China.
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