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8th October 2022 (6 Topics)

8th October 2022

QUIZ - 8th October 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

“Even though unemployment is a burning issues in the Indian economy, the real concern is wages”. Comment (150 words)


  • Introduction- brief about dropped labour participation rate
  • Wages vs employment
    • Issues in the labour laws
    • Exploitation from employers
    • degraded the quality of secured jobs
  • Required reforms from the government
    • Creation of high-paying jobs by raising the productivity of states, cities, sectors, firms, and skills
    • making employee contribution optional
    • providing option to choose the handler of employer contributions
    • capping of social security programme charges to their costs
    • Ease of doing business interventions
    • Reformed labour laws
  • Conclude accordingly 



Tamil Nadu’s (T.N.) urban trajectory has been distinct from most other parts of India as it had focused largely on their achievement of economic growth and welfare outcomes sustained by its Societal History.

The Growth Trajectory:

  • Efforts to breakdown discrimination: T.N. has continuously attempted the breakdown of traditional caste-based hierarchies to enable the upward mobility of ordinary people, transforming them into agents of urban transformation.
  • Urbanisation and citizen involvement: The development is more broad-based, being driven by multiple urban centres rather than a few metropolitan cities, as in the case of Maharashtra or Gujarat.
    • These measures are responsible for the fact that 48.4% of T.N.’s population lives in urban areas compared to the all-India average of 34% (2011 Census). 
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