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Detoxing pilot project has brought a river back from dead

  • Published
    13th Oct, 2021

GS-III: Environment

  • Conservation

The Meghalaya Government has recently claimed that a detoxing pilot project has brought the Lukha River back from the dead. The Lukha — “reservoir of fish” in the local Pnar language — was considered toxic beyond redemption due to contamination on acid mine drainage and run-off from the coal mines.

  • The detoxification process, called phycoremediation, used algae to remove toxic contents from the water.

Prelims question:

“This river is located in the southern part of east Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya where most of Meghalaya’s rat-hole coal mines are located. It is fed by numerous streams from the hills of the Narpuh Reserve Forest. It has been recently detoxified through a process called phycoremediation.”

Which of the following river is described above?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Mains Question:

Mining activities contribute to the economic growth of a nation, but they also have great negative externalities. Elaborate. (150 words)


  • Introduce by giving a brief overview of mining activities in India.
  • Enumerate the importance of mining for nations economy
  • Enumerate the problems associated with mining
  • List the steps taken by Government to reduce harmful effects of mining
  • Way Forward and Conclusion

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