Global demand stokes illegal rosewood felling

  • Published
    18th Jun, 2021

GS-III: Environment

  • Conservation

The steep demand in the international market for musical instruments and furniture fashioned out of rosewood had stoked the widespread illegal felling of the endangered tropical hardwood tree from revenue land assigned to farmers for cultivation during the 2020-21 period.

Prelims question:

Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct regarding Indian Rosewood?

  1. It is included in the Appendix II of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
  2. IUCN has tagged this species as Vulnerable.
  3. Indian Rosewood is a evergreen tree.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Mains Question:

How far do you agree with the government proposal to remove Indian Rosewood from Appendix II of CITES in order to streamline its trade?(250 words)


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