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China’s Wolf-Warrior Diplomacy

  • Category
    International Relations
  • Published
    21st Oct, 2022


With the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) 20th National Congress, China’s position and its diplomacy with world has been discussed. It saw many changes in world affairs over the years, Xi has advocated for a more intensive approach towards handling issues both domestically and internationally.

  • The “wolf warrior” style of Chinese diplomacy particularly attracted attention.


What is Wolf Warrior Diplomacy of China?

  • Wolf warrior diplomacy is an aggressive style of diplomacy adopted by Chinese diplomats in the 21st century, under Chinese leader Xi Jinping's administration.
  • It is confrontational and combative, with its proponents loudly denouncing any criticism of China on social media and in interviews.
  • It is considered as ‘great diplomatic philosophy’ of Xi Jinping.

What is the need for wolf warrior diplomacy?

  • The change in strategy has been attributed to many reasons, such as
    • Xi’s more authoritarian tendencies as compared to earlier leaders
    • deteriorating US-China relations under former US President Donald Trump
    • the coronavirus pandemic-related accusations on China, etc.

How China is using this Diplomacy against India?

  • Increasing presence:China’s increasing presence and involvement in the Indian Ocean is certainly a strategic and security problem for India.
  • Naval power:China’s overall naval capabilities have exceeded India’s. China is continuously developing its naval capabilities and forging partnerships with strategically located states in the Indian Ocean.
    • For example, in 2017, China established its first offshore military base in Djibouti that would provide it with a considerable capacity to monitor the Indian Navy’s movements in the Indian Ocean.
  • Enhanced military presence: The developments of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor along with Gwadar Port will also provide China with an enhanced military presence in the Indian Ocean region.
  • Influence on neighbours:With the assertive and ambitious Belt and Road Initiative and Maritime Silk Road, China has consolidated its influence over the Indian neighbours as almost all the neighbour sans Bhutan have shown the keen interests in joining.
    • Recently, Sri Lankan parliament passes controversial Bill on China-backed Colombo Port City. Hambantota Port is already under China’s control.

What should be the way out for India to counter China?

  • Strengthening ties with US with initiatives like QUAD
  • Increase ties with India Neighbourhood like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.
  • Using India’s Soft powers and Cultural significance with China.

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