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Online voting, an idea that holds promise

Published: 19th Apr, 2024


The landscape of governance and civic engagement has been evolving rapidly with the advent of digital technologies. From banking to e-commerce, various sectors have embraced automation and digitization. The concept of online voting emerges as a natural progression in this digital era, promising convenience and efficiency in the electoral process.

1: Dimension- Nominations
  • Transition to Online Filing: Candidate nominations should be shifted from physical to online filings before Election Commission (EC) officials, incorporating robust identity verification measures.
  • Leveraging E-filing Platforms: Drawing from the success of e-filing platforms in income tax and corporate laws, the transition to online nominations should be streamlined and seamless.
  • Ensuring Validation Checks: Appropriate identity and validation checks must be integrated into the online filing system to maintain the integrity of the nomination process.
2: Dimension- Polling Booths
  • Redundancy of Traditional Infrastructure: With the adoption of online voting, the traditional infrastructure of polling booths, EVMs, and duty personnel will become obsolete, necessitating a redefinition of roles.
  • Role Redefinition: Presiding officers and EC officials' roles may need to be redefined to align with virtual monitoring and supervision, reducing the reliance on physical infrastructure.
  • Limited Need for Physical Booths: While a limited number of physical booths may still be necessary initially, the gradual shift towards online voting will significantly reduce the requirement for physical infrastructure.
3: Dimension- Voter list
  • Streamlining Voter Registration: Linking Aadhaar with the voter ID facilitates seamless identification of voters, enhancing the efficiency of the registration process.
  • Addressing Existing Voters: Proactive measures are required to ensure the linkage and confirmation of Aadhaar with existing voter IDs, ensuring inclusivity and accuracy in the voter list.
  • Facilitating Global Voting: Integration with Aadhaar enables voters to cast their ballots from anywhere in the world on the polling day, enhancing accessibility and participation.
4: Dimension- Securing the Process
  • Authentication Process: On polling day, voters should receive a web link via SMS to access the voting site on their registered mobile, initiating a two-step authentication process.
  • Ensuring Integrity: Stringent measures must be implemented to prevent duplicate voting and safeguard voter data, maintaining the secrecy and integrity of the voting process.
  • Addressing Data Privacy: System controls should ensure restricted access to voter data and segregation of databases to uphold data privacy and confidentiality.

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