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Mains Current Affairs (Governance)

Recently the 17th BIMSTEC Ministerial Meeting of the Foreign ministers of the Bay of Bengal Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) groupfinalized an aspiring air, land-linkages, and sea connectivity master plan that is expected to be adopted at its 5thsummit which isgoing to be hosted by Sri Lanka.

Recently, a book has been published by the state government of Maharashtra, titled ‘Maharashtra-Karnataka Seemavad: Sangharsh Aani Sankalp’ (Maharashtra-Karnataka Boundary Dispute: Struggle and Pledge). The book is a collection of articles, news, and other material on the demand that Marathi-speaking areas in Karnataka should be integrated into Maharashtra.

In order to align the utility of social media platforms with the welfare of citizens, while safeguarding the right to free speech, there is need for an overhaul of India’s current regulatory framework in order to curb hate speech and fake news online.

The forest land right claims by tribal or pastoral communities seeking community rights over forest land, they have inhabited for generations, end in rejection (mostly) in the country.

The failure of the system raises concerns and calls for transparent recognition of forest dwellers’ rights. 

Interstate (River) Water Disputes (ISWDs) are a continuing challenge to federal water governance in the country. Rooted in constitutional, historico-geographical, and institutional ambiguities, they tend to become prolonged conflicts between the states that share river basins.

Given the significant nature of such disputes, it is essential to examine the constitutional complexities, contentious political federalism, and identity-based electoral political dynamics that fuel ISWDs. 

In December 2019, the state government of Jharkhand had decided to drop “all cases” related to the Pathalgadi movement of 2017-2018.

Tribal communities in India have been historically deprived of access to resources and opportunities, including the ‘opportunity to get educated’.

In a report on the rationalization of 109 autonomous bodies under Central government ministries, the finance ministry’s department of expenditure recommended that the environment ministry disengage with 23 bodies, merge 109 into 26 bodies and close six to reduce expenditure.

After the release of the New Education Policy 2020, the Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu protested against the policy accusing it of imposing Hindi and Sanskrit.

Sampark was started by the Department of School and Mass Education in Odisha. The helpline service was initiated to provide relief to the students in distress through timely action. It allows any individual or students (between the classes of I and IX) to call up the toll-free number 1800 345 6722 to seek information or voice concerns, views, and ideas on school education. The project is innovative as it covers almost all issues ranging from sexual abuse to education and the management system. Importantly, the identity of the caller is kept confidential.

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