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Mains Current Affairs (Polity & Governance)

Child Marriages in India

  • Child marriage, according to the Indian law, is a marriage where either the woman or man is below the age of 21.
  • Estimates vary widely between sources as to the extent and scale of child marriages. A 2015–2016 UNICEF report estimated that India's child marriage rate is 27%.
  • The Census of India has counted and reported married women by age, with proportion of females in child marriage falling in each 10 year census period since 1981.

Incumbent Attorney General, K KVenugopal:

  • The term of the incumbent A-G, K KVenugopal, ends on September 30.
  • He is 91 years old and on his third extension.
  • Venugopal has conveyed to the government that in view of his advanced age, he would not be able to continue after the end of his current term.

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