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New academic credit system needs all institutions aboard

  • Published
    11th Jan, 2024


Institutions prioritizing a comprehensive education centered on values will encounter challenges in its realization due to the unpredictability of student behavior.

Introduction to New Education Policy Initiatives

  • Overview: The National Credit Framework (NCrF) and the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) are pivotal elements in India's New Education Policy 2020, aiming for transformative impacts.
  • Objectives: NCrF seeks to consolidate credits across education levels, promoting interdisciplinary education and aligning with global standards. ABC serves as a digital archive for credit accumulation.
  • International Alignment: The credit-based system supports internationalization, facilitating credit transfer and enhancing global recognition of Indian institutions.

Implications and Benefits of NCrF and ABC

  • Student-Centric Learning: NCrF and ABC promote student-centric learning, enabling flexibility, interdisciplinary study, and personalized pacing.
  • Challenges for Students: While offering advantages, the flexibility poses challenges such as uncertainty in returning to academics after breaks, requiring informed career-oriented choices.
  • Faculty and Institutional Challenges: Fluid student numbers impact faculty workload, requiring institutions to adapt curricula, maintain uniform timetables, and address challenges for those without accreditation.

Challenges and Recommendations for Implementation

  • Infrastructure and Administrative Challenges: Lack of awareness, understanding, and infrastructure hinder successful implementation. Faculty training and funding are crucial for aligning with the credit-based system.
  • Institutional Autonomy: Implementing a uniform syllabus may compromise institutional autonomy, posing challenges for branding and distinctiveness.
  • Consensus and Awareness: Inadequate awareness and opposition from some states highlight the need for consensus through discussions, deliberations, and comprehensive training campaigns.
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