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11th March 2024 (10 Topics)

Not law, nor duty


In the wake of increasing concerns over the welfare and safety of Indian citizens working with the Russian military amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the government's actions and response have come under scrutiny.
Growing Concerns Over Indians in Russia-Ukraine Conflict:

  • Risks: Confirmation by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the death of a second Indian in the Russia-Ukraine conflict underscores the risks faced by Indians working with the Russian military.
  • Trap of false promises: Recent reports also revealed the plight of numerous Indians trapped in the conflict zone, leading government agencies to crack down on recruiters involved in human trafficking and duping individuals into perilous jobs in Russia.
  • Luring: Despite advisories against falling for false promises of "safe jobs" with the military, Indians continue to be lured into dangerous positions.

Delayed Government Response and Ongoing Challenges:

  • Aftermath: The belated actions of the government offer little solace to the families of the deceased and injured individuals, with repatriation processes still pending.
  • Criticism mounts as the government appears to have only recently acknowledged the dangers of Russian military job offers, despite reports of ongoing recruitment activities for months.
  • Questions arise regarding the government's handling of the situation, including its failure to assertively negotiate with Russian authorities and its simultaneous approval of recruitment drives in other conflict zones like Israel.

Calls for Structured, Transparent, and Humane Approach:

  • A structured, transparent, and humane approach is deemed necessary to safeguard Indian lives and prevent further exposure to danger.
  • Preventing others: While the priority remains the safe return of Indians stranded in conflict zones, efforts must also focus on preventing others from being ensnared in similar situations due to economic hardships.
  • Stronger commitment: The government is urged to demonstrate a stronger commitment to protecting its citizens abroad.
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