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Andaman & Nicobar’s first application for the GI tag is for “Nicobari hodi craft”

Published: 25th Nov, 2022


The GI Registry at Guindy, Chennai, has received an application from the Tribal Development Council, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, seeking the GI tag for the Nicobari hodi craft.


About Nicobari hodi:

  • “Hodi” is the Nicobari tribe’s traditional craft.
  • It is an outrigger canoe, very commonly operated in the Nicobar group of islands.
  • The technical skills for building a hodi are based on indigenous knowledge inherited by the Nicobarese from their forefathers.
  • The hodi is built using either locally available trees or from nearby islands, and its design varies slightly from island to island.
  • Hodis is used for transporting people and goods from one island to another, for sending coconuts, and for fishing and racing purposes.
  • Hodi races are held between islands and villages.
  • This is the first application from the Union Territory seeking a tag for one of its products.

People and History:

  • Nicobarese and Shompens belonging to Mongoloid race inhabit these islands who differ from Andaman tribes belonging to Negritoid race.
  • The major population of Nicobari tribe is living in Car Nicobar Island which is one among the 11 inhabited islands of the Nicobar district under the Union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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