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Army inducts Russian MANPADS

  • Category
    International Relations
  • Published
    11th Apr, 2022


The Army has inducted a small number of MANPADS, Igla-S systems recently procured from Russia under emergency procurement.


What are MANPADS?

  • They are the short-range, lightweight, and portable surface-to-air missiles that may be fired by individuals or small groups to kill aeroplanes or helicopters are known as Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems.
  • They aid in the protection of troops from aerial attacks and are particularly efficient against low-flying aircraft.
  • Man-Portable Anti-Tank Systems, or MANPATs, are identical but are used to destroy military tanks.
  • MANPADS can be fired from a helicopter or boat, or launched from atop a ground vehicle. 

About Very short-range air-defense system (VSHORAD)

  • Very Short Range Air Defense Missiles are regarded as critical for the defence of any major city or strategically significant location.
  • The VSHORAD will replace the existing Igla in service, which is in desperate need of replacement, with a maximum range of 6 km, altitude of 3 km, and all-weather capability.
  • VSHORADS are the soldier’s last line of defense against enemy combat aircraft and helicopters in the multilayered air defense network.

Igla-S systems

  • Igla-S systems are developed by Russia.
  • It is a man-portable air defence system (MANPADS).
  • “Igla-S” is an air defense system that can be carried by a single person.
  • It is designed to defeat all types of visible fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, as well as small aerial targets, on head-on and pursuit courses.
  • The Defense Ministry is reviewing a much larger contract for Igla-S systems as part of the very short-range air-defense system (VSHORAD) deal.
  • It is designed for use against visible aerial targets at short range such as tactical aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs), cruise missile, head-on or receding, in presence of natural (background) clutter and countermeasures.
  • As per requirements of the Indian Army, it will have a maximum range of 6 km, altitude of 3 km along with all-weather capability.
  • Igla-S missile system will replace the existing Igla in service which is in urgent need of replacement.

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