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Cryoablation cancer therapy facility

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    Science & Technology
  • Published
    9th Mar, 2022


Thirty years of Indo-Israel collaboration has further strengthened by technology transfer in healthcare sector.

  • The Israel government donated a “state-of-the-art” Cryoablation device developed and researched by Israel scientists for treatment of certain specific cancers to Tata Memorial Centre.


About the technology

  • This technology uses liquid nitrogen where temperature of about – 140o C freezes the cancer cells to death.
  • It is the first of its kind in India.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that develops when cells in your body divide at a faster rate than normal. These abnormal cells grow into a lump — or tumor. Most cancers have four stages. The specific stage is determined by a few different factors, including the size and location of the tumor:

  • Stage I: Cancer is localized to a small area and hasn’t spread to lymph nodes or other tissues.
  • Stage II: Cancer has grown, but it hasn’t spread.
  • Stage III: Cancer has grown larger and has possibly spread to lymph nodes or other tissues.
  • Stage IV: Cancer has spread to other organs or areas of your body. This stage is also referred to as metastatic or advanced cancer.

Major types of cancer

There are five main types of cancer. These include:

  • Carcinoma- This type of cancer affects organs and glands, such as the lungs, breasts, pancreas and skin. Carcinoma is the most common type of cancer.
  • SarcomaThis cancer affects soft or connective tissues, such as muscle, fat, bone, cartilage or blood vessels.
  • MelanomaSometimes cancer can develop in the cells that pigment your skin. These cancers are called melanoma.
  • LymphomaThis cancer affects your lymphocytes or white blood cells.
  • LeukemiaThis type of cancer affects blood.

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