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International Vision Zero Conference

Published: 21st Feb, 2019

‘International Vision Zero Conference’ to promote occupational safety and health is being held in Mumbai.


‘International Vision Zero Conference’ to promote occupational safety and health is being held in Mumbai.


  • The conference provides a forum for promoting safety and health at work and resolve issues in the manufacturing, construction, mining and transportation sector by exchanging knowledge, practices and experience.
  • The Conference has been organized by Directorate General Factory Advice and Labour Institutes (DGFASLI), Ministry of Labour and Employment, German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), Germany in association with Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and International Social Security Association – Manufacturing, Construction and Mining.
  • The concept of Vision Zero is based on four fundamental principles:
    • life is non-negotiable,
    • humans are fallible,
    • tolerable limits are defined by human physical resistance, and
    • people are entitled to safe transport and safe workplaces.
  • The Vision is based on principles of controlling risks, ensuring safety and health in machines, equipment and workplaces and skill upgradation of workforce.


  • The concept of ‘Vision Zero’ is fast gaining international acceptance and is expected to leverage the efforts of the Government of India to raise the occupational safety and health standards in the country.
  • The participants from various sectors across a wide variety of industries will benefit by the common platform provided by the conference through sharing of best practices both nationally and internationally. Also the international community will get an appraisal of the occupational safety and health status in India thereby exposing the Indian industrial occupational safety and health scenario to the international community.
  • “Vision Zero” is a transformational approach to prevention that integrates the three dimensions of safety, health and well-being at all levels of work. Safe and healthy working conditions are not only a legal and moral obligation – they also pay off economically. International research on the return on investments in prevention proves that every dollar invested in safety and health generates a potential benefit of more than two dollars in positive economic effects. Healthy working conditions contribute to healthy business.

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