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ISRO to handle projects of national security

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    Science & Technology
  • Published
    15th Mar, 2021

The India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) would be in charge of projects linked to “national security and advanced technology” — like the forthcoming Chandrayaan 2 missions and the Gaganyaan mission. However, the bulk of commercial activities would increasingly be handled by the newly formed New Space India Limited.


Chandrayaan 2 and Gaganyaan Mission

  • Chandrayaan-2 mission brought together an Orbiter, Lander and Rover with the goal of exploring South Pole of the Moon.  
  • This mission aimed at studying not just one area of the Moon but all the areas combining the exosphere, the surface as well as the sub-surface of the moon in a single mission.
    • However the landing was not successful, thus only its obiter is functional.
  • Gaganyaan will be first human space mission by ISRO.


  • New Space India Limited (NSIL) is a wholly-owned Government of India Company, under the administrative control of Department of Space (DOS).
  • It is commercial arm of ISRO
  • Mandates of NSIL are as follows:
    • Owning satellites for Earth Observation and Communication applications and providing space based services
    • Building satellites and launching them as per demand
    • Providing Launch Services for satellite belonging to customer
    • Building launch vehicles through Indian Industry and Launch as per satellite customer requirement
    • Space based Services related to Earth Observation and Communication satellites on commercial basis
    • Satellite building through Indian Industry
    • Technology Transfer to Indian Industry
    • Marketing spin-off technologies and products/ services emanating out of ISRO's activities.


  • Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe) is the nodal agency for allowing space activities and usage of DOS owned facilities by Non Government Private Entities (NGPEs).
  • It will act as a link between the ISRO and private sector companies, assessing how best to utilise India’s space resources and increase space-based activities.
  • It will evaluate demands of private sector companies—including educational institutes—and will find ways to attune their demands, in consultation with ISRO
  • It will work out a suitable mechanism for promotion & hand holding, sharing of technology and expertise to encourage participation of NGPEs in space activities

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