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One Stop Centres Scheme

Published: 2nd Feb, 2024


Success of One Stop Centres in aiding women facing violence, with more than 700 centers established across India. On the 32nd foundation day of the National Commission for Women (NCW), the significant impact of these centers was highlighted along with the crucial role of the NCW's 24x7 helpline for women.


  • The One Stop Centre initiative, under the Women and Child Development Ministry and funded through the Nirbhaya Fund, aims to offer comprehensive support to women encountering violence in both public and private spaces, including domestic violence.
  • The NCW plays a pivotal role in fostering conditions that enable women to actively participate in social, economic, and political activities.

One Stop Centre Scheme:

  • The One Stop Centre Scheme, a centrally sponsored scheme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, addresses violence against women.
  • Established under the Nirbhaya Fund, these centers provide integrated assistance, featuring administrators, case workers, medical personnel, legal counselors, and other support staff.
  • The One Stop Centre Scheme operates under the umbrella scheme for the National Mission for Empowerment of Women, including the Indira Gandhi Mattritav Sahyaog Yojana.
  • It receives funding from the Nirbhaya Fund, with the central government providing 100% financial assistance to state governments and union territories.
  • The scheme aligns with recommendations from the 12th Plan Working Group on Women’s Agency and Empowerment and the Usha Mehra Commission, aiming to provide a comprehensive response to gender-based violence in India.

Achievements and Impact:

  • These One Stop Centres have assisted more than 3 lakh women to date.
  • The services offered include emergency response, medical assistance, legal aid, counseling, shelter, and more, all aimed at creating a supportive environment for women facing violence.

NCW's 24x7 Helpline: It plays a vital role in providing immediate assistance to women in distress. The helpline complements the One Stop Centres, collectively contributing to women's safety and well-being.

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