Performance Grading Index (PGI) + School Education Quality Index

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    17th Jan, 2019


Ministry of Human Resource and Development has launched 70 point Performance Grading Index (PGI) to assess the quality of school education provided by the states.


What is the purpose of the Index?

  • The primary purpose is to identify the areas of deficiency in each state’s school education system so that targeted interventions can be made at every level from pedagogy to teacher training.
  • IT encourages States and UTs to adopt certain practices like online recruitment and transfer of teachers, electronic attendance of students & teachers etc.

What are the main features of the Index?

  • The Index will grade all States and UTs.
  • It will be online and all grading will be generated by the software as was done during the pilot project with 10 indicators under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA).
  • It has 70 indicators divided into two categories namely :
  • Outcome, with four domains, viz Learning Outcomes, Access Outcomes, Infrastructure and Facilities Outcomes.
  • the second category is about Governance processes which covers attendance, teacher adequacy, administrative adequacy, training, accountability and transparency.
  • The total weightage of all indicators is 1000 points: Each indicator has been given either 20 or 10 points based on the priority in terms of educational development.
  • The grading system also envisages the third party verification by international organisations such as UNICEF etc.

How is PGI related to NITI Aayog’s School Education Quality Index (SEQI)?

  • SEQI will be subset of PGI, and NITI Aayog will use 33 indicators out of 70 indicators of PGI.
  • Department of School Education and Learning, MHRD will provide the relevant data under PGI to the NITI Aayog for SEQI.
  • States and UTs will therefore not provide any data separately to NITI Aayog for SEQI.
  • The NITI Aayog can assign different weightages to the indicators under SEQI.

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