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PM Modi inaugurates ‘One Nation, One Fertilizer’ scheme

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    21st Oct, 2022


Recently, the Prime Minister has inaugurated 600 KisanSamridhiKendras and the ‘One Nation, One Fertilizer’ scheme to modernize agriculture.


One Nation, One Fertilizer Scheme:

  • The scheme will consist of a “Single Brand for Fertilisers and Logo” under the fertilizer subsidy scheme named “PradhanmantriBhartiyaJanurvarakPariyojna” (PMBJP).
  • The scheme would extend to all four fertilizers – Urea, Di-Ammonium Phosphate, Muriate of Potash, and complex NPK – with ‘BHARAT’ pre-fixed.
  • The single brand name would be BHARAT UREA, BHARAT DAP, BHARAT MOP, and BHARAT NPK, etc. respectively for all Fertiliser Companies, State Trading Entities (STEs) and Fertiliser Marketing Entities (FMEs).
  • Under the scheme, companies are allowed to display their name, brand, logo, and other relevant product information only on one-third space of their bags.
  • On the remaining two-thirds of the space, the “Bharat” branded PradhanmantriBharatiya Jan UrvarakPariyojana logo will have to be shown.

    Other highlights of the event:

    • Launch of Weekly Fertilizer International e-Magazine “Indian Edge”.
    • Inauguration of 600 PM-KisanSamruddhiKendras (PM-KSK).

Need of the Initiative:

  • India is among the world’s largest buyers of fertilizer, besides China, Brazil, and the US.
  • India imports four types of fertilizers:
    • Urea
    • diammonium phosphate (DAP)
    • muriate of potash (MOP)
    • nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium (NPK)

Significance of the Scheme:

  • Standardization: This will standardisefertiliser brands across the nation irrespective of the company that manufactures it.
  • Stopping urea diversion: It will stop the crisscross movement of fertilizers, especially urea. Which leads to its diversion for industrial purposes.
  • Reduced freight charges: Brand-wise demand for fertilizers in specific areas by farmers is one of the reasons for the crisscross movement of fertilizers. Since fertilizer companies get the freight subsidy, they do not hesitate to move bags a longer distance.
  • Affordability: The scheme will ensure affordable quality fertiliser of Bharat brand to the farmers. This scheme will result in the reduction of the cost of fertilisers and increase their availability.

Central government subsidy on fertilizers:

  • The fertilizer sector is a highly subsidized area. Where the maximum retail price (MRP) is fixed for urea and subsidy is fixed for non-nitrogenous fertilizer phosphate and potassium (P and K).
  • Nearly 80 percent of the cost of production of urea and P&K is being paid to fertilizer manufacturers in the form of a central government subsidy.

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