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    6th Apr, 2021


The Goa government has limited the Shigmotsav (Shigmo festivities) parades to three locations only (Panaji, Ponda, and Mapusa), owing to rising cases of Covid-19 in the state.


About the festival

Other Major harvest festivals

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  • State: It is Goa’s harvest festival. It is also known as Shishirotsava and it is the biggest Hindu folk festival.
  • Goan life in traditional folk dances: The festival also depicts the Goan life in traditional folk dances like Ghode Modni, Goff, and Fugdi, performed in troupes along the procession, passing through the streets that are lit up with colorful décor.
  • Konkani name: Shigmo as it is called in Konkani is a vibrant celebration full of color, song, and dance rooted in Goan culture and traditions.
  • Golden harvest of paddy: It is the celebration of a ‘rich, golden harvest of paddy’ by the tribal communities of Goa.
  • Agricultural communities: including the Kunbis, Gawdas, and Velips celebrate the festival that also marks the onset of spring.
  • Shigmo Street Parade: These color parties sometimes see individuals wearing spirited vesture playing ancient folk dances to depict the historical gift of the Maratha War that backs this competition.
  • Time: Shigmo celebrations last over a fortnight in the months of Phalgun-Chaitra months of the Hindu calendar that correspond with March-April every year.

Other similar festivals all over India

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  • Lathmar Holi & Holi Milan - Uttar Pradesh
  • Holla Mohalla- Punjab
  • Shigmo- Goa
  • Royal Holi- Udaipur
  • Kumaoni Holi – Uttarakhand
  • Manjal Kuli- Kerala
  • Festival Details:
    • It was traditionally celebrated as the homecoming of the warriors who had left their homes and families at the end of Dusshera to fight invaders.
    • The festival begins with Naman, the invocation of local folk deities on the village maand, or the village stage, to the beats of percussion instruments like the ghumat, dhol, mhadle and tashe by men. This is called the romta mell that moves from one village to another.
    • The celebration is replete with traditional, colourful costumes, mythological installations, painted faces and colourful costumes.
    • lk dances like Ghodemodini (a dance of equestrian warriors), Gopha and Phugadi are among the many performed by the participating communities.
    • There are float parades too during Shigmo festival.
  • 2 Variants of the festval:
    • Dhakto Shigmo: It is celebrated by the rural population, farmers and the labour class.
    • Vhadlo Shigmo: It is of greater importance and is celebrated by everyone.

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