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The World Soil Day (WSD)

Published: 9th Dec, 2019

The World Soil Day (WSD)

The World Soil Day (WSD) was observed across the world on December 5, 2019.


The World Soil Day (WSD) was observed across the world on December 5, 2019.


The day is observed annually to highlight the importance of healthy soil and advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources. The theme for WSD 2019 was ‘Stop Soil Erosion, Save Our Future’.

Historical background:

  1. In 2002 the International Union of Soil Science (IUSS) voted for a resolution to dedicate 5th December every year as World Soil Day to promote the importance of Nature and human wellbeing.
  2. Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) supported this initiative together with the Kingdom of Thailand leadership as a part of “Global soil partnership”.
  3. FAO took the initiative to establish Soil Day. Consequently, unanimously approved it in its FAO conference 2013.
  4. Later in 2013, December with FAO’s request, UN adopted World Soil Day in its 68th UN General Assembly. Further, announced that the day would be observed on 5th December every year.
  5. Especially, this is a tribute to late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand for his contribution in improving quality and sustainable management of soil.
  6. Thereby, FAO has been celebrating world soil day since 2012.

Highlights about the World Soil Day:

  1. Annually, to celebrate the day, World Soil Day award is distributed to honour the contributions made by people. That is, FAO gives two awards in line with this day-
  • The King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award- an annual award that honours individuals, communities, organizations and countries that organized remarkable and engaging World Soil Day activities or campaigns in the previous year.
  • The Glinka World Soil Prize- An annual award for dynamic change-makers dedicated to solving one of our world’s most pressing environmental issue: soil degradation. It honours individuals and organizations whose leadership and activities have contributed, or are still contributing to the promotion of sustainable soil management and the protection of soil resources.

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