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Vikram-S, India’s first private rocket lifts off from ISRO spaceport

Published: 25th Nov, 2022


In a historic moment Vikram-S, India’s first privately-developed rocket, lifted off from the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) launch pad in Sriharikota, under the ‘Prarambh’ Mission.


About Vikram-S Rocket:

  • Named after: Vikram Sarabhai, the founder of India’s space programme.
  • Developed by: Skyroot Aerospace with support from ISRO and IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion & Authorization Centre.
  • The Vikram-S rocket is a single-stage sub-orbital launch vehicle.
  • It carried three customer payloads and help test and validate technologies in the Vikram series space launch vehicles.
  • Engine: Its engine was developed using 3D printing with a superalloy.
  • The engine used in the launch vehicle is named after former president Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, ‘Kalam-80’.

About Skyroot

  • The company is based in Hyderabad.
  • It builds state-of-the-art space launch vehicles for launching commercial satellites into space.
  • It aims to disrupt entry barriers to cost-efficient satellite launch services and space flight by advancing its mission to make space flights affordable, reliable, and regular for all.

Significance of privatization of the space sector

  • Low costs: It has allowed companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc. to cut their costs substantially and perform operations at reduced costs.
  • Creating widespread interest: The publicity of their operations, like live streaming launches, has sparked widespread interest in space exploration among the general public.
  • Quick decision-making: There is quick decision-making in private companies while the same process in a public enterprise would have to pass through several stages.
  • Higher autonomy: private companies have a greater degree of autonomy in making decisions, which enables them to take up new projects.

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