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17th June 2023 (8 Topics)

Prime Minister’s US visit and agenda


According to latest information, Prime Minister of India is going for a ‘State Visit’ to the U.S. which is scheduled from June 21 to 23.

  • The Prime Minister will also celebrate International Yoga Day at UN Headquarters during the visit.


  • The Ministry of External Affairs has announced a two-nation visit of Prime Minister, covering the S. and Egypt from June 20 to 25.
  • Agenda:
    • The war in Ukraine is expected to be among the major talking points.
    • The Indo-Pacific and challenges facing by the countries of the region are also expected to be included in the discussion.
    • As, India has been maintaining that the war has generated a commodities crisis impacting energy and fertilisers that are important for the countries of the Global South.
    • Also a major component of the visit will be the focus on critical and emerging technologies like AI, high power computing and quantum computing that are part of the “new domain of technology”.

US and Indo-pacific interest:

  • U. S. Strategic Framework: The framework is focused on recalibrating U.S. policy to compete with a more powerful, ambitious, and belligerent China.
  • The document defines the “top interests” of the U.S. in the region as follows:
    • defend the homeland and American citizens abroad
    • prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them
    • preserve U.S. economic, diplomatic, and military access to the most populous region of the world and more than one-third of the global economy
    • enhance the credibility and effectiveness of our alliances
    • maintain U.S. primacy in the region while protecting American core values and liberties at home

India-US Ties:

  • Investment in India: American companies have invested at least $54 billion in India - from manufacturing to telecommunications.
  • Investment in United State of America: Indian companies have invested over $40 billion - in IT, pharmaceuticals and more, supporting 4,25,000 jobs from California to Georgia.
  • Trade: Air India is purchasing more than 200 Boeing aircraft that will support estimated one million-plus jobs.
  • Investment Plan: The United States and India are making revolutionary investments in their respective countries, like the United States' $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and India's $100 billion infrastructure plan, to make their respective economies more productive and appealing to investors.
  • Under the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, "India has joined three pillars of our new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework - committing to build more resilient supply chains, seize clean energy opportunities and combat corruption".
  • Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies: Indo-US are elevating and expanding the strategic technology partnership between governments, businesses, and academic institutions in the U.S. and India because we believe how technology is designed and used should be informed by democratic values and respect for human rights.

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