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9th September 2022 (7 Topics)

Rajpath to Kartvyapath


Prime Minister inaugurated the ‘Kartavya Path’ (the revamped Central Vista Avenue) at the India Gate and renamed it from ‘Rajpath’ denoting the freedom from the slavery and terms used during British Raj.


  • Rajpath, and formerly known as Kingsway, is a ceremonial path in New Delhi, India, that runs from Rashtrapati Bhavan on Raisina Hill through Vijay Chowk and India Gate to National Stadium, Delhi.
  • The avenue is lined on both sides by huge lawns, canals and rows of trees.
  • Considered to be one of the most important roads in India, it is where the annual Republic Day parade takes place on 26 January.
  • Rajpath runs in east-west

History related to the Name

  • When built the road was built, named as the King's Way, or Kingsway, in honour of the Emperor of India George V, who had visited Delhi during the Durbar of 1911.
  • The name was similar to Kingsway in London which was also a custom-built arterial road, and which had been named in honour of George V's father, Edward VII.
  • Following the independence of India the road was given its Hindi name, 'Rajpath', in place of its English designation. However, it was mere a translation of the English word to Hindi.


The area of the present day central vista was designed by British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker from (1921-1927).

The Redevelopment Project:

  • The Central Vista Redevelopment Project started construction on 4 February 2021 and is planned to be finished in 2026 in phases.
  • A number of new features like planned landscapes, lawns with walkways, green spaces, refurbished canals, amenity blocks, new pedestrian underpasses, improved parking spaces, new exhibition panels, and upgraded night lighting were added.
  • New sustainability features like solid waste management, storm-water management, recycling unit, rainwater harvesting, water conservation and energy efficient lighting systems were implemented.

The New Kartvya Path (Indianised feeling)

  • There is not only change in the names but also several features were added for glorifying the beauty of Azaadi ka Amrit Mahostav.
  • The statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, is being installed which was crafted by Arun Yogiraj, the main sculptor, carved from a monolithic granite stone and weighs 65 metric tonnes. 
  • It also envisages a new triangular Parliament building, a common central secretariat, revamping the three-km Rajpath, a new prime minister's residence and office, and a new vice-president's enclave.

Eliminating the Colonial Hangover

These are several recent steps taken by the government for Shifting from terms used, symbols and other works at that time;

  • Renaming of Andaman Islands after Netaji Bose,
  • To rename the Race Course Road as Lok Kalyan Marg
  • The Indian Navy has also adopted Chhatrapati Shivaji’s symbol
  • The time and date of the Indian Budget, which was following the times of the British Parliament for so many decades, have also been changed.
  • Inclusion of Regional Languages in the New Education Policy.

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