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Surge in anti-Semitism in West

  • Published
    2nd Nov, 2023


Emphasizes that using extreme measures in conflicts leads to lasting harm, not productive solutions for the involved parties.

Escalating Violence and Moral Dilemmas

  • Terrorism and War Parallels: Western nations witness a disturbing trend of brutal attacks, blurring the lines between war, resistance, and terrorism.
  • Anti-Semitism Resurfaces: Shocking attacks against Israel spark anti-Semitic sentiments. Palestinian citizens face backlash, becoming pawns in a larger conflict.
  • Support for Hamas: Surprising rallies in Canada, UK, USA, Italy, Germany, and France in support of Hamas, a designated terrorist group. Universities also show solidarity.

Ideological Bonds

  • Communism and Islam: Historical ties between far-Left movements and Islam emerge from a shared sense of victimhood against common adversaries.
  • Rise of Communist Ideas: The acceptance of communist ideals in the West has grown, creating a fertile ground for ideological alliances.
  • DEI Programs and Revisionist History: Programs like DEI in education reflect a trend towards prioritizing race and religion over merit. Revisionist narratives distort the historical context of conflicts.

The Need for Recognition

  • Palestinian Citizens as Pawns: Palestinians remain stateless, homeless, and trapped in a cycle of war. Arab states surrounding Gaza deny them entry.
  • Manipulation by Hamas: Hamas uses Palestinian citizens as human shields, further complicating the quest for a two-state solution in the region.
  • Moral Responsibility of Western Nations: Western nations must grapple with their historical treatment of minority Jewish populations and confront systemic anti-Semitism.
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