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Sustainable Climate Change with ‘Health-linked’ perspective

  • Published
    20th Oct, 2022

Recently, with the perspective of India for curbing the Climate change impacts, the ‘LIFE formula’, or Lifestyle for Environment was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at COP26 in November 2021. This has to be implemented to get a full-pace journey towards sustainable Climate change linked with Health.


LIFE, a fresh perspective:

  • LIFE, or Lifestyle for Environment aims to frame climate change as a ‘larger than life’ challenge, LIFE recognizes that small individual actions can tip the balance in the planet’s favor.
  • Actions in support of it include;
    • saving energy at home;
    • cycling and using public transport instead of driving;
    • eating more plant-based foods and wasting less; and
    • Leveraging our position as customers and employees to demand climate-friendly choices.
  • Many of the goals of LIFE can be achieved by deploying ‘nudges’, and gentle persuasion techniques to encourage positive behavior.
  • The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) employs proven nudging techniques such as discouraging food waste by offering smaller plates in cafeterias; encouraging recycling by making bin lids eye-catching; and encouraging cycling by creating cycle paths.

According to the UNEP, more than two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to household consumption and lifestyles.

Need for an Inclusive Perspective:

  • Due to the increasing instances of floods, Cyclones, drought, and other Climatic hazards.
  • Increasing use of Plastics in day-to-day life
  • Promoting healthy living and environment-friendly activities
  • Impacts on Agriculture and food security.
  • To reduce Poverty and Unemployment
  • Fight against Malnutrition
  • Socio-economic schemes

India’s developing scene:

  • LIFE resonates with the global climate justice India has rightfully called for highlighting enhanced obligations those in developed countries bear, to support climate adaptation and mitigation for those most affected.
  • The Panchamrit targets aim to support the International Solar Alliance, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, and South-South cooperation platforms.
  • India is set to assume the G20 Presidency for the year 2022-23, with committed partners to help give a new lease of ‘LIFE’ to climate action.

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