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Temple Japa mandapam

  • Published
    8th Jun, 2022

A Temple has inaugurated by the junior pontiff named as Japa mandapam of Lord Sri Darbheswara Swamy in Vijaywada.

  • The presiding deity idol was found in dharbha (Halfa grass) in Kasi.
  • Hence, the deity is called as Dharbeswara swamy.
  • Proposed to organize Maha kumbhabhishekam (Khumbh mela) in temple once in 12 years.
  • The temple was developed with ?78 lakh released by the Endowments Department.
  • The temple is located on Saikam street in Kothapeta. 

What is Japa Mandapam?

  • Japa is the meditative repetition of a mantra or a divine name.
  • It is a practice found in Hinduism Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism with parallels found inother religions.
  • Japa Mandapam is a place to meditate in the temple.

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