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10th February 2024 (8 Topics)

The decline of America’s leadership


The global landscape is witnessing significant shifts in power dynamics, with the United States facing internal challenges and external pressures from emerging global players like China and Russia.

Challenges to American Influence:

  • Varied assessments: The first set of issues revolves around the assessment of America's traditional strengths and its perceived global standing.
  • Concerns over internal political division: While there's a strong pro-American lobby advocating for closer ties with the United States in India, authoritative commentators raise concerns about the country's internal divisions and its diminishing influence on the global stage.
  • Risks posed by authoritarian tendencies: This sentiment is echoed by former U.S. President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden's re-election bid, suggesting a broader debate about America's global role.

Erosion of American Leadership and Legitimacy:

  • Actions undermining global cooperation: A second concern stems from the erosion of American leadership and legitimacy in the international arena.
  • Withdrawal from key agreements: The U.S.'s withdrawal from international agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and its emphasis on military interventionism have raised doubts about its commitment to global cooperation.
  • Impact of domestic polarization: Moreover, internal polarization and ideological divisions within the U.S. have further complicated its ability to engage constructively with the international community, undermining its credibility as a global leader.

Rise of China and Russia:

  • Strategic objectives: Lastly, there's growing recognition of the strategic challenges posed by rising powers like China and Russia.
  • Utilization of economic coercion: Both countries are actively seeking to reshape the global order and challenge Western democratic values. China's economic ascendancy and technological prowess, coupled with Russia's assertive foreign policy, present formidable challenges to American dominance.
  • Implications of U.S.-China rivalry: The evolving dynamics of U.S.-China rivalry and its implications for global security and economic stability underscore the shifting geopolitical landscape.
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