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26th December 2023 (10 Topics)

The Pir Panjal Challenge


The increasing Terrorists attacks shifted from Kashmir to Poonch-Rajouri area is a concern for the region.

Shift in Terrorist Activity

  • Terrorist Relocation: Recent rise in Poonch-Rajouri encounters due to shift from Kashmir; challenging terrain favors terrorists.
  • Proxy War Dynamics: Pakistan avoids Kashmir due to strong counter-terrorism measures; Pir Panjal (South) becomes focus.
  • Local Support Dynamics: Historical local support in Poonch-Rajouri aids proxy presence; speculative resurgence among Gujjars reported.

Army's Response and Redeployment

  • Strategic Redeployment: Troop shifts from Jammu sector to Ladakh since May 2020; Northern Command maintains vigilance.
  • Historical Parallel: 1999-2001 experience in Kargil; redeployment, creation of Kilo Force, and sustained retaliation.
  • Current Measures: No significant operational space loss; potential for additional redeployment; emphasis on self-learning and tactical adjustments.

Ethical Concerns

  • Civilian Casualties: Three local civilian deaths raise concerns; calls for transparent investigation and disciplinary actions.
  • Preventive Measures: Suggested review of SOPs, convoy security, and reinforcement movements; public outreach and drone-supported brigade-sized operations.
  • Communication and Precautions: Caution against media speculation; emphasize balanced statements; address emotions in Pir Panjal; precautionary measures in the Valley.
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