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20th March 2024 (14 Topics)

Ties that epitomise India’s Neighbourhood First Policy


Recent discussions and reflections have brought attention to the enduring and remarkable friendship between Bhutan and India despite vast differences in size and population. This enduring partnership has sparked interest and admiration, prompting further examination of the underlying factors that have fostered such a close relationship over the past 50 years and more.Top of Form

Basis of Strong Bilateral Ties:

  • Strong bond: Despite vast differences in size and population, India and Bhutan share a longstanding bond built on mutual respect and equality.
  • Essence in recognizing identities: The essence of their relationship lies in recognizing each other's sovereignty and unique cultural identities.
  • Trust: India's commitment to respecting Bhutan's autonomy and fostering its economic growth has cultivated a deep sense of trust between the two nations.

Development Initiatives and Future Prospects:

  • New chapter and opportunities: Bhutan's vision for a Mindfulness City at Gelephu, emphasizing sustainability and economic prosperity, signals a new chapter in bilateral cooperation. The success of the Gelephu Mindfulness City is expected to benefit not only Bhutan but also neighboring regions in India, fostering socio-economic development.
  • Crucial sectors: Hydropower cooperation, a cornerstone of their ties, has not only boosted Bhutan's economy but also exemplified successful government-to-government collaboration. To further enhance ties, India can consider measures such as initiating direct flights to Gelephu, providing technology assistance, and encouraging Indian investment in the city.
  • Exemplary Relationship: Upholding the principles of win-win cooperation, India and Bhutan continue to set an example of fruitful partnership and shared prosperity in the region.
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