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When tigers and jackals get the same protection

  • Published
    18th Oct, 2023


An inordinate number of species have been included in the new schedules of the Wildlife Protection (Amendment) Act, 2022, with no consultation, process or logic.

Conservation Dilemma

  • Unsubstantiated Listing: The new Wildlife Protection Act includes numerous species without a transparent, replicable process.
  • Prioritization Predicament: Over 2,600 species listed, making resource allocation for conservation efforts unclear and unfeasible.
  • Unintended Legal Consequences: Inclusion of common species, like spotted deer, can lead to counterproductive conservation outcomes.

Impact on Communities and Livelihoods

  • Threat to Public Safety: Schedule 1 species, including crocodiles and leopards, pose risks to human lives, livelihoods, and mental well-being.
  • Disregard for Local Interests: New Act raises concern by upgrading wild pigs and nilgai to Schedule 1, potentially hindering culling policies vital for farmers.
  • Restrictive View on Traditional Practices: Act limits hunting and animal use, even when traditionally practiced, without considering local communities' livelihoods.


  • Research Hindrance: Cumbersome permit processes for research could stifle scientific endeavors, affecting environmental NGOs and citizen science.
  • Need for Balanced Approach: Balancing conservation, public safety, and research priorities requires nuanced policy adjustments.
  • Ethical Treatment of Animals: Both citizens and ecologists should observe nature ethically and collect data responsibly.
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