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Women in the House

  • Published
    11th Oct, 2023


In a remarkable development, women MPs' contribution has increased in Parliament.

Women's Empowerment through Government Policies

  • Positive Impact of Policies: The government is focusing on policies that actually empowers women, like LPG accessibility and sanitation. They have improved women's health and economic status.
  • Understated Transformations: Some remarkable changes, like women's political leadership, have received less attention but hold immense potential for women's empowerment.
  • Crucial Role of Female MPs: Female MPs have a significant role in questioning the government, irrespective of political affiliations, contributing to government accountability.

Assessing Women MPs' Empowerment

  • Empowerment in Questioning: During the 15th Lok Sabha, women MPs asked significantly fewer questions than their male counterparts (135 versus 250). However, in a remarkable contrast, their level of engagement in the 16th Lok Sabha was on par with male MPs (218 versus 219).
  • Key Focus Areas: Female MPs focus on healthcare, education, roads, and MSMEs, benefiting vulnerable segments, while male MPs prioritize other areas.
  • Unnoticed "Silent Revolutions": While well-documented policies like Ujjwala and Swachh Bharat have garnered attention, there are "silent revolutions" with significant women's empowerment implications. One such understated area is the role of women leaders in India's Parliament.

Implications for Women-Led Democracy

  • Parliamentary Empowerment: Women in Parliament play a crucial role in representing their constituents and ensuring government accountability.
  • Unique Focus Areas: Female MPs address critical issues that impact vulnerable sections of society (healthcare, education, roads, and MSMEs), laying the foundation for women's empowerment.
  • Unique Focus Areas: Women MPs prioritize healthcare, education, roads, and MSMEs, while male MPs focus more on finance, defence, and foreign affairs.
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