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12th October 2023 (9 Topics)

Zoned Out


Sri Lanka struggles to attract foreign investment, hindered by land access issues, while regional peers excel in industrial development.

Sri Lanka's FDI Challenge and Land Access

  • Comparative FDI Records: Sri Lanka lags behind in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) compared to East Asian and Southeast Asian peers.
  • Land Access Bottleneck: Difficulty in obtaining land has been a major obstacle for investors in Sri Lanka, hindering industrial growth.
  • Efficiency of Export Processing Zones (EPZs): EPZs in East Asian countries offer pre-allocated land, reliable utilities, and streamlined services, a model Sri Lanka initially followed.

Government's Inaction

  • Lack of New EPZs: Sri Lanka has failed to invest in new EPZs since 2002, despite acknowledging the issue.
  • Unfulfilled Promises: Government made pledges to establish EPZs, but progress remains stagnant, as seen in budget speeches.
  • Wasted Public Funds: Inadequate planning led to infrastructure spending without completing land acquisition, causing financial losses.

Regional Disparities

  • Comparative Land Conversion Efforts: Neighboring countries have outpaced Sri Lanka in converting available land to industrial use.
  • Shift in Global Supply Chains: Emerging opportunities in South and Southeast Asia for export-oriented FDI require addressing key bottlenecks.
  • Call for Action in Budget Speech: The Finance Minister must move beyond promises and focus on concrete action for growth.
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