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UPSC IAS Preparation Strategy by Deepak Meena, AIR-283, UPSC CSE-2023

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Deepak Meena, who secured an All India Rank of 283 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2023, shares his detailed strategy for tackling the Mains exam, with a particular focus on answer writing and preparation techniques.

Essay Writing Strategy:

  • Philosophical Essays: Deepak emphasizes the importance of framing questions from the essay topic during brainstorming sessions, which helped him structure his arguments and examples coherently. He used diverse examples from politics, economics, environment, and society to support his points.
  • Brainstorming and Structure: He spent 20-25 minutes brainstorming questions and collecting points before writing the essay. Starting with an anecdote rather than a quote, he ensured his essays had a coherent flow and concluded by reconnecting to the initial anecdote for a sense of completion.

General Studies (GS) Papers:

  • GS1 (History, Geography, Society): Deepak highlighted the importance of thematic preparation and the use of Previous Years’ Questions (PYQs) to identify repeating themes. He also created comprehensive notes and data sheets to organize information.
  • GS2 (Polity, Governance, IR): He stressed the need for clear basics, memorizing articles, and using landmark judgments. For International Relations, he relied heavily on current affairs and supported his answers with relevant examples.
  • GS3 (Economy, Security, Environment): Deepak focused on thematic preparation and collecting committee recommendations to enrich his answers. He used diagrams and flowcharts to present his points concisely.
  • GS4 (Ethics): He collected numerous examples from topper notes and focused on linking questions to these examples during practice.

Time Management and Practice:

  • Deepak practiced writing answers within the stipulated time, using a watch to ensure he adhered to the time limits for each question. He used flowcharts and bullet points to manage time effectively during the exam.

Optional Subject (Electrical Engineering):

  • He emphasized the importance of PYQs, as questions in technical subjects often repeat with different values. Deepak maintained a balance between studying for his optional subject and GS to ensure comprehensive preparation.

Interview Preparation:

  • Deepak read two newspapers, The Hindu and Indian Express, to stay updated on current affairs. He discussed various topics with friends to build strong, informed opinions, which helped him perform well in the interview.

Deepak Meena’s journey underscores the significance of structured preparation, thematic study, and continuous practice, providing valuable insights for UPSC aspirants aiming to excel in both the Mains and the interview stages.

DEEPAK MEENA Rank: 283 (2023) - Test Copies :
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