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IAS 2025: Anthropology Optional Foundation

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  • Batch Starts: 24th June
  • Batch Timing : 12:00 to 02:00 PM

GS SCORE’S Anthropology Optional Foundation program is a  3.5 months Comprehensive Class to Cover the Complete UPSC Syllabus of Anthropology with the innovative methodology of teaching and application of different approaches mentioned in the syllabus. Spanning various civilizations, cultures, and societies, anthropology delves into the complexities of human existence. Our course offers a comprehensive introduction to this multidisciplinary field, covering fundamental concepts, theories, and methodologies. This program caters to all levels of understanding, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diversity of human experiences from the UPSC Mains Examination point of view..

Key Feature of this Course

Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage:

Time-bound coverage of the complete syllabus of Paper 1 and Paper 2

Effective Note-taking with Class Dictation:

Class Dictation to organize most important topics

Answer Writing Skill Development:

Regular Answer Writing Practice to make you exam ready

Study Material:

Comprehensive Study Material covering all the topics and relevant Case Studies

PYQs Analysis:

Discussion of Previous Year Questions (PYQs) to understand the trend of Anthropology.

Comprehensive Test Series:

Complete Test Series will be provided which will include Sectional and Mock Tests

Personalised Mentorship: 

Regular Mentorship Session with the faculty

What will you Learn?/Course Outcome

From basic concepts to complex topics, build a solid foundation and master advanced topics.

Develop strong expressive writing capabilities, essential for effectively conveying your ideas in answer writing.

Cultivate sharp analytical skills and foster critical thinking, vital for fetching good marks.

Become well-prepared by mastering anthropological concepts, theories, and case studies, enhancing the likelihood of scoring well in the optional paper.

Course Delivery

1. Concept Building Classes
  • It will lay a solid foundation of concepts and will help in developing the perspective & approach needed for the preparation.
  • Along with the understanding of the syllabus, elaborated and detailed classes will be provided covering the entire UPSC Anthropology syllabus.
  • Through these classes students will be equipped with critical thinking skills along with the skills for analysis and problem solving.
2. Answer Writing Skill Development & Test Series
  • Topic wise answer writing sessions will be conducted in a time bound manner. 
  • A Comprehensive Test Series of 12 Tests will be provided which will include 8 Sectional Tests and 4 Mock Tests.
  • Through each sectional test, a part of the syllabus will be covered.
3. Anthropology Advance Classes
  • After Prelims Examination, 75+ hours of the advance classes are provided.
  • In these classes, the prospective evaluation of issues and topics is done, which have higher frequency of being asked in the papers.
4. Personalised Mentoring
  • In addition to regular classes, regular One-on-One doubt clearing sessions will be conducted to identify areas for improvement and accordingly provide our students personalised recommendations to improve one’s chances of success.
5. Study Material
  • Well-designed, exhaustive and updated study material will be provided which are self-explanatory.
  • It includes study notes of Paper 1 (Section A & B) and Paper 2 (Section A & B).
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    ₹ 37,000/-


  • Offline Fee

    ₹ 42,000/-


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Student Experience


It’s a myth, if you look at the previous year topper list, then you will find most of the toppers from the engineering background.

It’s a myth because, the level of biology or Genetics which is required for Anthropology is the same that you have to study for GS anyhow.

The nature of the discipline is static and we hardly require any day to day updating, but, if we observe something and can use it in Anthropology, then it is highly desirable.

Anthropology syllabus is very short and it can be covered effectively in 3 months.

Answer writing is the most essential part of your preparation, it will help you to identify your weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, in competition speed is the mantra for success, which can be gained through practice.

Aspirants can easily get 320+ if guided in a right manner through a holistic approach of conceptual clarity- writing practice- revision.

If you have followed the CPR active learning approach, and have sufficient conceptual clarity and you have developed effective presentation skills through regular practice- using diagrams, case studies and examples.

Its not true as 3/4th of Anthropology’s syllabus is from humanities, it covers study of society, culture, marriage, family, religion, Indian society and the study of tribes, also it studies prehistory and archaeology along with linguistic studies. So, it is very comfortable for the students from any background.

For proper guidance and to save time and efforts coaching is always advisable. Moreover, there is no single source/book to cover anthropology, which makes coaching relatively important.

Personalized mentorship is uniquely designed for the needs of each aspirant. The aspirants can get in regular touch with the faculty through various means of communication.

Memorization is no doubt necessary, but it should be through conceptual clarity and writing practice.


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