What's New :
GS Paper-2: New Batch will be started from 21st January, 2022
GS Mains Classes 2023: New Batch will be started from 10th February, 2022
ESSAY WRITING 2022: New Batch will be started from 21st January, 2022

All Batches


Online Fee

10,000/- (+GST)

Offline Fee

10,000/- (+GST)


  1. Total 20 Sessions
  2. Meticulous selection of topics from Paper1 and Paper 2.
  3. Personalized Mentoring
  4. Crisp and Compact Notes
  • Complete and quick revision
  • Value Addition through latest statistics, case studies, examples, anthropologists and their works
  • Learn the art of writing wonderful answers through integrated answer writing
  • Comprehensive inclusion of various committees and reports and Contemporary issues for structured content to improve quality of answers
  • Learn the art of interlinking and building thoughts on various topics.
  • Streamlining the preparation through right approach
  • Identifying the potential themes from where the questions can be expected

Anthropology Advance 2022

  • 20 Sessions

Fee: 10,000/- (+GST)

Anthropology Test Series 2022

  • Total 12 Tests: 8 Sectional & 4 Mock Tests

Fee: 12,000/- (+GST)

Anthropology Advance & Test Series 2022

  • 20 Sessions
  • Total 12 Tests: 8 Sectional & 4 Mock Tests

Fee: 15,000/- (+GST)

Procedure for Online

  • To enroll student has to register on the website using Registration Form or Google Login or Facebook Login.
  • If already registered login with your username and password which you have used for registration.
  • Account for Online Classes/Test will be activated within one working day of Enrollment or before batch Starts.

Online Class

  • Classes will be conducted online as per the class schedule.
  • Weekly Class Schedule will be uploaded into students account with session plan and doubt clearing sessions schedule.
  • Soft Copy notes will be uploaded in PDF format into your account.



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