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IAS 2024: Anthropology Optional Advance

  • Mode: Online
  • Batch Started: 15th July
  • Class Timing : 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Cinque Terre

Complete Revision of Anthropology, especially in the interim between Prelims and Mains, poses a significant challenge for UPSC aspirants due to its vast scope and intricate concepts. Addressing this challenge head-on, GS SCORE presents the Anthropology Advanced Classes 2024 program. Tailored to efficiently manage the time between Prelims and Mains, this program offers a structured approach to revising Anthropology Optional. With a focus on key anthropological theories, case studies, and contemporary issues, aspirants can hone their understanding and analytical skills, ensuring readiness for the UPSC Mains 2024.

Key Feature of this Course


Covering the key concepts from the syllabus to make you exam ready.


Answer writing will aim to improve articulation and analysis with constant corrective measures.


Providing the right strategy to strengthen the strengths and improve upon the weak areas.


Discussion of PYQs in the class to ensure your preparation is in sync with UPSC

Course Outcome

Gain a thorough grasp of key anthropological concepts relevant to the UPSC syllabus.

Develop the ability to articulate and analyze answers effectively through regular answer writing sessions.

Benefit from personalized mentorship to formulate strategies that leverage your strengths and address weak areas.

Enhance your analytical skills with constant feedback and corrective measures from expert faculty.

Ensure your preparation aligns with UPSC standards through the discussion of previous year questions (PYQs). .

Build confidence and readiness for the Mains exam with comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and contemporary issues

Course Delivery

  • It will focus on covering the important topics from the UPSC syllabus.
2.Answer Writing
  • Each topic will be catered through Answer Writing which will refine your retention capability and refine the articulation of the answer.
3. Personalised Mentorship
  • A one-on-one mentorship will be conducted to understand the mistakes and improve upon them.
4.PYQs discussion
  • PYQs discussion sessions will be conducted to understand the demand of the UPSC
  • Online Fee

    ₹ 10,000/-


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Mentors for the course

Akashdeep Singh

4+ years of experience

Subject: Anthropology (Optional)

He has a versatile understanding of the changing pattern of the Civil Services Examination and demand of the examination. His answer writing programs in optional a have given a spectrum of understanding to the aspirants about the necessary skill set that is required to ace the examination.

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