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ITS 2025 - 2 Years Integrated Test Series (Pre Cum Mains)


ITS 2 Year is a 3 phase program that will run over the period of 2 years. It aims to gradually prepare you for the Civil services examination through self-study targets, test-based assessments. Each stage is designed to address your needs while focusing on self-study and self-assessment without hampering the prospects of the college curriculum.

Civil services examination requires consistent efforts and investment of a considerable amount of time. An early start gives you an edge over others to qualify for the most prestigious examination in the country. Preparing for UPSC exam along with college studies gives you the benefit of getting prepared for the goal with extra level and layers of preparation. Considering the needs of undergraduate students, this specially designed course by GS score will help students to prepare for the IAS exam in sync with their college life.

GS-IL is a 3 phase program that will run over the period of 2 years. It aims to gradually prepare you for the Civil services examination through self-study targets, test-based assessments. Each stage is designed to address your needs while focusing on self-study and self-assessment without hampering the prospects of the college curriculum.

Course Highlights:

Classes for Concept Building

60+Concept classes to enhance understanding and boost subject specific cognitive skills

Assessment Through Test Series

150+ Tests (Prelims & Mains) in phased manner spread over a period of 2 years with graded toughness

Complete Mentorship

Detailed discussion after each test and one to one personal mentorship session after the evaluation of answer sheets

Guide for Self-Study

Weekly Self- Study Targets and planner to supplement Self Study to the fullest

Study Material

Crisp hand-outs for static, applied value addition notes for current affairs and active learning worksheets to increase the effectiveness of your learning process.

GS-IL is a three phase program spanning 2 years periods. It aims to gradually prepare you for Civil Services Examination through self study targets, test based assessments.

Phase 1: Beginners Phase (Year 1)

  • Focus on building concepts of 'Static' Syllabus, from Basic to Advance Learning.
  • 55 Concepts Classes and 60+ Assessment Tests (Prelims & Mains) for over 10 Months.

Phase 2: Advance Phase (Year 2):

  • To 'Refine' Analytical Skills focus will be given to revision and more Application Based Questions.
  • Prelims cum Mains Test Series including 65+ Tests (Prelims & Mains) followed by Discussion and Personal Mentoring.

Phase 3: Mock Phase (Year 2):

  • Prelims and Mains Test Series including 28 Full Length Sectional and Mock Tests focused towards marks maximization in the exam.
  • Complementary Current Affairs Classes for revision and value addition.

Course Fee

₹ 40000/-

course Fee

₹ 40000

Course Fee

Course Planner

Course Delivery

Course Delivery

Our course delivery focussed to guide our enrolled students in their self-study through active and assessment based learning techniques. The 6 tiers in the sequence of course delivery are as follows:

Self-Study Targets & Planner

Subject wise self-study targets & planner will be provided including:

  • Topic wise weekly target
  • Detailed micro-listing of all topics
  • Sources to be covered

Concept Classes

Concept classes to familiarize students with the core concepts of each subject:

  • Detailed strategy for subject & syllabus schema
  • PYQs & Trend analysis
  • Topic wise core concepts class

Study Material

Provided in form of value addition notes & worksheets including:

  • NCERTs summaries
  • Contemporary issue notes
  • Various Worksheets


Weekly Prelims and Mains tests after achieving the targets of self-study to check progress.

  • Phase 1: Weekly Prelims test & Fortnightly Mains Test
  • Phase 2: Weekly Prelims& Mains tests
  • Phase 3: Sectional & Mock tests before exam.

Test Discussion

Discussion of the test by top-tier faculties after each test  focusing on

  • Concepts Enrichment
  • Marks Maximizing Innovative Techniques & Tips

Personal Mentoring

One on One guidance by the faculty after test for:

  • Personalized recommendation for answer writing improvement
  • Doubt clearance

Assessment Process


  • The test schedule will be given in advance. The test will be activated on the scheduled date.
  • Once a test is activated you can write it as per your suitable time (Flexible Test Timings).
  • Tests will be submitted once you click the submit button or it crosses the time limit.
  • After submission of the test, you will get your score and All India Ranking.
  • Detailed Model Answers will be provided.
  • Your score and performance chart will be available in your "My Account" section for future access.


  • Tests will be uploaded in PDF format to your account.
  • To write the test students have to download the PDF of the test paper booklet or write the test in A4 sheet and send it to us as a scanned copy in pdf format for evaluation.
  • After proper evaluation, test copies will be sent back to the students within 7 days after receiving the answer sheet.
  • Once student will receive evaluated copy, one to one discussion with concerned faculty/experts will be arranged via phone call or live interaction.


  • Test Discussion after each Mains Test.
  • After every Prelims Test Detailed Test Score Analysis,
  • Ranking and Supplementary Notes After every Mains Test Model Approach and Model Hints shall be provided.
  • Answer sheets will be evaluated by the experts only.
  • One on One discussion with concerned faculties after copy evaluation
  • Copy evaluation and feedback system has been designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance.
  • Evaluation will be done within 7 days.

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