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IMP - Integrated Mentorship Program (2 Years) for UPSC 2025 - 26

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  • Test Started: 04th July
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With significant overlap (70-80%) between the Prelims and Mains syllabus, ITS recognizes the importance of integrated learning, especially for self-study aspirants.  ITS transcends the conventional test series by offering a personalized toolkit designed for success in the IAS Exam. With detailed study planners, high-utility concept classes, integrated tests, and personalized mentoring, ITS provides comprehensive guidance through every step of your preparation journey. The programme works on an outcome-oriented approach which ensures that your learning translates into tangible results.

Key Features of the Course

Integrated Preparation

It is a specially designed Integrated Test Series that synchronize the syllabus of both Prelims and Mains.

Concept Building:

Informative Classes on all subjects to enhance the understanding and conceptual clarity of subjects.

Prelims and Mains Tests:

Assessment based learning modules comprising 96 Tests (45 Prelims & 51 Mains Tests).


Tailored guidance and feedback along with strategy for improvement.

Study Material:

Value Addition Notes on Contemporary Issues, PYQs and Worksheets.

What will you Learn?/Course Outcome

Holistic Exam Preparedness: Optimize learning for both Preliminary and Mains examination, ensuring efficient utilization of time and resources for tangible outcomes.

Enhanced Conceptual Clarity: Develop deep understanding of core concepts across all subjects from basic to advance, enabling you to tackle complex questions with clarity and precision.

Gradual Assessment and Improvement: Implement gradual assessment mechanisms to track progress and facilitate continuous enhancement.

Strong Answer Writing and Expressive Skills: Learn to craft and articulate well-structured responses essential for excelling in the exam.

Effective Revision Strategies: Employ effective strategies to consolidate learning and retain information efficiently.

Continuous Performance Enhancement: Dedicate efforts towards consistently improving performance thereby maximizing potential for success in exam.

Regular Updation: Aligned with current affairs and the dynamic portion of the syllabus, ensuring your preparation remains relevant and up-to-date.

Course Delivery

ITS 2 Year is a 3 phase program that will run over the period of 2 years. It aims to gradually prepare you for the Civil services examination through self-study targets, and test-based assessments. Each stage is designed to address your needs while focusing on self-study and self-assessment.

Phase 01 – Basic Level
  • 60+ (150+ Hours) of Weekly NCERT concept classes (online)
  • Practice 290+ Prelims and 70+ Mains Questions through:
    • 16 Topical Prelims Tests (15 MCQs) and 18 Topical Mains Tests (2 Questions)
    • 6 Prelims Revision Tests (25 MCQs) and 7 Mains Revision Tests (5 Questions)
  • Regular Mentorship Sessions for doubt clearing
Phase 02 – Intermediate Level
  • Approach Class: These classes (10+ hours) will be provided before starting of each subject. The core idea behind this class is to orient the students with the subject and its nuances.
  • Concept Classes: The 50+ Concept Class (100+ hours) will focus on conceptual clarity application of different approaches.
  • Revision Classes: There will be a revision class (20+ hours) before the Complete Revision Tests for Prelims and Mains.
  • Assessment: It will be done through Integrated Test Series (Prelims and Mains) including 96 tests, which will be categorized as:
  • 39 Prelims Tests
    • 20 Topical Tests (50 MCQs)
    • 6 Subject Revision Tests (100 MCQs)
    • 10 Current Affairs Tests (50 MCQs)
    • 3 CSAT Sectional Tests (50 MCQs)
  • 44 Mains Tests
    • 35 Topical Tests (10 Qs.)
    • 9 Sectional Revision Tests (20 Qs.)
  • Personalised Mentorship: One-to-one doubt clearing session for Conceptual Clarity, Marks Improvement & Value Addition
Phase 03 – Advance Level
  • Prelims Mock Tests
    • 6 Sectional Tests (100 Qs)
    • 6 Mock Tests (3 GS + 3 CSAT)
  • Mains Mock Tests
    • Mains Tests (9 Sectional + 4 Mock) covering GS Paper 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Online Fee

    ₹ 45,000/-


  • Offline Fee

    ₹ 45,000/-


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