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UPSC Mains: International Relations Previous Year Questions

Previous year questions provide a strong foundation to build upon your preparation. They offer an insight on the requirements of UPSC, the approach to be adopted and the strategy required. GS SCORE brings to you detailed examination of previous year questions of international relations, that will help you to cover the areas and topics from where questions have appeared under the UPSC mains examination. The questions are discussed in manner that will help you in understanding the concept behind the questions, approach towards its answer and probable questions that will enable you to understand the related topics and broaden your outlook towards the topic.

Theme wise discussion of topics under UPSC syllabus will help you to comprehensively understand the syllabus with various dimensions. It will greatly promote students self-study and self-preparation abilities. Trend analysis discussion is aimed to better serve you in comprehending recent course in the questions being asked by UPSC.

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  1. Total number of videos of PYQs with Model Answers: 28
  2. Total number of theme videos: 4
  3. Trend analysis video: 1

The module includes following components to give you a holistic coverage of the PYQs:

Trend analysis & Approach:

  • This includes video discussion on trends of questions asked from 2015-2021 by UPSC along with detailed approach to the subject.

Themes Discussion:

  • To demarcate the important areas, the entire syllabus has divided into various themes. In Depth video discussion will be provided on each theme.

Model Answers

  • For each PYQ Model Approach and Model Hints shall be provided.

Answer Discussion

  • For each PYQ answer discussion will be available focusing on concepts explanation approach to the answer.

Probable questions

  • At the end of the each answer discussion videos we will also provide probable question and dimensions from the same topic to enhance your outlook towards the topic.

Sample Question & Discussions

  • ‘Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)’ is the transforming itself into a trade bloc from a military alliance, in present times. Discuss.2020 Video & Solution
  • 'The time has come for India and Japan to build a strong contemporary relationship, one involving global and strategic partnership that will have a great significance for Asia and the world as a whole.' Comment.2019 Video & Solution


  • Theme Video 1 (IR)
  • Theme Video 2 (IR)
  • Theme Video 3 (IR)
  • Theme Video 4 (IR)
  • PYQ IR Trend Analysis


  • “If the last few decades were of Asia’s growth story, the next few are expected to be of Africa’s.” In the light of this statement, examine India’s influence in Africa in recent years.2021
  • “The USA is facing an existential threat in the form of a China, which is much more challenging than the erstwhile Soviet Union.” Explain.2021
  • The newly tri-nation partnership AUKUS is aimed at countering China’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific region. Is it going to supersede the existing partnerships in the region? Discuss the strenght and impact of AUKUS in the present scenario.2021
  • What is the significance of Indo-US defence deals over Indo-Russian defence deals? Discuss with reference to stability in the Indo-Pacific region.2020
  • ‘Indian Diaspora has a decisive role to play in the politics and economy of America and European Countries’. Comment with examples.2020
  • ‘Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)’ is the transforming itself into a trade bloc from a military alliance, in present times. Discuss.2020 Video & Solution
  • Critically examine the role of WHO in providing global health security during the COVID-19 pandemic.2020
  • 'The time has come for India and Japan to build a strong contemporary relationship, one involving global and strategic partnership that will have a great significance for Asia and the world as a whole.' Comment.2019 Video & Solution
  • What introduces friction into the ties between India and the United States is that Washington is still unable to find for India a position in its global strategy, which would satisfy India's national self-esteem and ambitions'. Explain with suitable examples.2019
  • 'Too little cash, too much politics, leaves UNESCO fighting for life.' Discuss the statement in the light of US' withdrawal and its accusation of the cultural body as being 'anti-Israel bias'.2019
  • "The long-sustained image of India as a leader of the oppressed and marginalized Nations has disappeared on account of its new found role in the emerging global order" Elaborate.2019
  • “India’s relations with Israel have, of late, acquired a depth and diversity, which cannot be rolled back.” Discuss.2018
  • A number of outside powers have entrenched themselves in Central Asia, which is a zone of interest to India. Discuss the implications, in this context, of India’s joining the Ashgabat Agreement, 2018.2018
  • In what ways would the ongoing US-Iran Nuclear Pact Controversy affect the national interest of India? How should India respond to its situation?2018
  • What are the key areas of reform if the WTO has to survive in the present context of ‘Trade War’, especially keeping in mind the interest of India?2018
  • "China is using its economic relations and positive trade surplus as tools to develop potential military power status in Asia." In the light of this statement, discuss its impact on India as her neighbour.2017
  • Indian diaspora has an important role to play in South-East Asian countries' economy and society. Appraise the role of Indian diaspora in South-East Asia in this context.2017
  • The question of India's Energy Security constitutes the most important part of India's economic progress. Analyze India's energy policy cooperation with West Asian countries.2017
  • What are the main functions of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)? Explain different functional commissions attached to it.2017
  • "Increasing cross-border terrorist attacks in India and growing interference in the internal affairs of several member-states by Pakistan are not conducive for the future of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)." Explain with suitable.2016
  • "The broader aims and objectives of WTO are to manage and promote international trade in the era of globalization. But the Doha round of negotiations seem doomed due to differences between the developed and the developing countries." Discuss in the Indian perspective.2016
  • What are the aims and objectives of the McBride Commission of the UNESCO? What is India's position on these?2016
  • Evaluate the economic and strategic dimensions of India's Look East Policy in the context of the post-Cold War international scenario.2016
  • Project ‘Mausam’ is considered a unique foreign policy initiative of Indian Government to improve relationship with its neighbours. Does the project have a strategic dimension? Discuss.2015
  • Terrorist activities and mutual distrust have clouded India – Pakistan relations. To what extent the use of soft power like sports and cultural exchanges could help generate goodwill between the two countries? Discuss with suitable examples.2015
  • Increasing interest of India in Africa has its pro and cons. Critically examine.2015
  • Discuss the impediments India is facing in its pursuit of a permanent seat in UN Security Council.2015
  • Critically examine the aims and objectives of SCO. What importance does it hold for India?2015



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