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UPSC Mains: Polity Previous Year Questions

Previous year questions of Indian polity under UPSC GS paper 2 are a great way to start with its preparation.  GS SCORE presents to you detailed explanation of year wise PYQs that will help you in developing an approach to study. Explanation of each PYQ includes understanding of the concept, how to go about your answer and probable questions from each area, that will enhance your outlook towards the topic.

Thematic coverage of UPSC syllabus has been done through theme videos that will help you to give an impetus to self-preparation and self-study. They cover the topics in a comprehensive manner with all the relevant areas covered properly. Trend analysis discussion is aimed to better serve you in comprehending recent course in the questions being asked by UPSC.

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  1. Total number of videos of PYQs with Model Answers: 60
  2. Total number of theme videos: 6
  3. Trend Analysis video: 1

The module includes following components to give you a holistic coverage of the PYQs:

Trend analysis & Approach:

  • This includes video discussion on trends of questions asked from 2015-2021 by UPSC along with detailed approach to the subject.

Themes Discussion:

  • To demarcate the important areas, the entire syllabus has divided into various themes. In Depth video discussion will be provided on each theme.

Model Answers

  • For each PYQ Model Approach and Model Hints shall be provided.

Answer Discussion

  • For each PYQ answer discussion will be available focusing on concepts explanation approach to the answer.

Probable questions

  • At the end of the each answer discussion videos we will also provide probable question and dimensions from the same topic to enhance your outlook towards the topic.

Sample Question & Discussions

  • Discuss the role of Public Accounts Committee in establishing accountability of the government to the people.2017 Video & Solution
  • What was held in the Coelho case? In this context, can you say that judicial review is of key importance amongst the basic features of the Constitution?2016 Video & Solution


  • Theme Video 1 (Polity)
  • Theme Video 2 (Polity)
  • Theme Video 3 (Polity)
  • Theme Video 4 (Polity)
  • Theme Video 5 (Polity)
  • Theme Video 6 (Polity)
  • PYQ Polity Trend Analysis


  • ‘Constitutional Morality’ is rooted in the Constitution itself and is founded on its essential facets. Explain the doctrine of ‘Constitutional Morality’ with the help of relevant judicial decisions.2021
  • Discuss the desirability of greater representation to women in the higher judiciary to ensure diversity, equity and inclusiveness.2021
  • To what extent, in your view, the Parliament is able to ensure accountability of the executive in India?2021
  • The jurisdiction of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) regarding lodging an FIR and conducting probe within a particular state is being questioned by various States. However, the power of States to withhold consent to the CBI is not absolute. Explain with special reference to the federal character of India.2021
  • Analyze the distinguishing features of the notion of Equality in the Constitutions of the USA and India.2021
  • Explain the constitutional provisions under which Legislative Councils are established. Review the working and current status of Legislative Councils with suitable illustrations.2021
  • Do Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committees keep the administration on its toes and inspire reverence for parliamentary control? Evaluate the working of such committees with suitable examples.2021
  • “There is a need for simplification of Procedure for disqualification of persons found guilty of corrupt practices under the Representation of peoples Act”. Comment.2020
  • “Recent amendments to the Right to Information Act will have profound impact on the autonomy and independence of the Information Commission”. Discuss. 2020
  • How far do you think cooperation, competition and confrontation have shaped the nature of federation of India? Cite some recent examples to validate your answer.2020
  • The judicial system in India and UK seem to be converging as well diverging in recent times. Highlight the key points of convergence and divergence between the two nations in terms of their judicial practices.2020
  • ‘Once a Speaker always a speaker’! Do you think this practice should be adopted to impart objectivity to the office of the speaker of Lok Sabha? What could be its implication for the robust functioning of parliamentary business in India?2020
  • Indian constitution exhibits centralizing tendencies to maintain unity and integrity of the nation. Elucidate in the perspective of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897. The Disaster Management Act, 2005 and recently passed Farm Acts.2020
  • Judicial Legislation is antithetical to the doctrine of separation of powers as envisaged in the Indian Constitution. In this context justify the filing of large number of public interest petitions praying for issuing guidelines to executive authorities.2020
  • The strength sustenance of local institutions in India has shifted from their formative phase of ‘Functions, Functionaries and Funs’ to the contemporary stage of ‘Functionality’. Highlight the critical challenges faced by local institutions in terms of their functionality in recent times.2020
  • Rajyasabha has been transformed from a ‘useless Stepney tire’ to the most useful supportive organ in past few decades. Highlight the factors as well as areas in which this transformation could be visible.2020
  • Which steps are required for constitutionalization of a commission? Do you think imparting constitutionality to the National Commission for Women would ensure greater gender justice and empowerment in India? Give reasons.2020
  • “Parliament’s power to amend the constitution is a limited power and it cannot be enlarged into absolute power”. In the light of this statement explain whether parliament under article 368 of the constitution can destroy the basic structure of the constitution by expanding its amending power?2019
  • What can France learn from the Indian Constitution's approach towards to secularism?2019
  • Individual Parliamentarian's role as the national lawmaker is on a decline, which in turn, has adversely impacted the quality of debates and their outcome. Discuss.2019
  • On what grounds a people's representative can be disqualified under the representation of people act, 1951?2019
  • Do you think that constitution of India doesn't accept principle of strict separation of powers rather it is based on the principle of checks and balances?2019
  • From the resolution of contentious issues regarding distribution of legislative powers by the courts, 'Principle of federal supremacy' and 'harmonious construction' have emerged. Explain.2019
  • The reservation of seats for women in the institution of local self government has had a limited impact on the patriarchal character of the Indian political processes.2019
  • The Central Administration Tribunal which was established for redressal of grievances and complaints by or against central government employees nowadays is exercising its powers as an independent judicial authority." Explain.2019
  • "The Attorney-General is the chief legal adviser and lawyer of the Government of India." Discuss.2019
  • Indian and USA are two large democracies. Examine the basic tenets on which the two political systems are based.2018
  • Under what circumstances can the Financial Emergency be proclaimed by the President of India? What consequences follow when such a declaration remains in force?2018
  • Why do you think the committees are considered to be useful for parliamentary work? Discuss, in this context, the role of the Estimates Committee.2018
  • In the light of recent controversy regarding the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), what are the challenges before the Election Commission of India to ensure the trustworthiness of elections in India?2018
  • How is the Finance Commission of India constituted? What do you know about the terms of reference of the recently constituted Finance Commission? Discuss.2018
  • Assess the importance of the Panchayat system in India as a part of local government. Apart from government grants, what sources the Panchayats can look out for financing developmental projects?2018
  • “The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has a very vital role to play.” Explain how this is reflected in the method and terms of his appointment as well as the range of powers he can exercise.2018
  • How far do you agree with the view that tribunals curtail the jurisdiction of ordinary courts? In view of the above, discuss the constitutional validity and competency of the tribunals in India.2018
  • Whether the Supreme Court Judgement (July 2018) can settle the political tussle between the Lt. Governor and elected government of Delhi? Examine.2018
  • Examine the scope of Fundamental Rights in the light of the latest judgement of the Supreme Court on Right to Privacy.2017
  • "Simultaneous election to the Lok Sabha and the State Assemblies will limit the amount of time and money spent in electioneering but it will reduce the government's accountability to the people." Discuss.2017
  • Critically examine the Supreme Court's judgement on 'National Judicial Appointments Commission Act, 2014' with reference to appointment of judges of higher judiciary in India.2017
  • "The local self-government system in India has not proved to be effective instrument of governance." Critically examine the statement and give your view to improve the situation.2017
  • Is the National Commission for Women able to strategize and tackle the problems that women face at both public and private spheres? Give reasons in support of your answer.2017
  • Explain the salient features of the Constitution (One Hundred and First Amendment) Act, 2016. Do you think it is efficacious enough "to remove cascading effect of taxes and provide for common national market for goods and services"?2017
  • The Indian Constitution has provisions for holding joint session of the two Houses of the Parliament. Enumerate the occasions when this would normally happen and also the occasions when it cannot, with reason thereof.2017
  • To enhance the quality of democracy in India the Election Commission of India has proposed electoral reforms in 2016. What are the suggested reforms and how far are they significant to make democracy successful?2017
  • Discuss the role of Public Accounts Committee in establishing accountability of the government to the people.2017 Video & Solution
  • Discuss each adjective attached to the word ‘Republic’ in the preamble. Are they defendable in the present circumstances stances?2016
  • The Indian party system is passing through a phase of transition which looks to be full of contradictions and paradoxes." Discuss.2016
  • What was held in the Coelho case? In this context, can you say that judicial review is of key importance amongst the basic features of the Constitution?2016 Video & Solution
  • Discuss the essentials of the 69th Constitutional Amendment Act and anomalies, if any that have led to recent reported conflicts between the elected representatives and the institution of the Lieutenant Governor in the administration of Delhi. Do you think that this will give rise to a new trend in the functioning of the Indian federal politics?2016
  • To what extent is Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, bearing marginal note "Temporary provision with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir", temporary? Discuss the future prospects of this provision in the context of Indian polity.2016
  • Did the Government of India Act, 1935 lay down a federal constitution? Discuss.2016
  • Exercise of CAG's powers in relation to the accounts of the Union and the States is derived from Article 149 of the Indian Constitution. Discuss whether audit of the Government's Policy implementation could amount to overstepping its own (CAG) jurisdictio2016
  • What is a quasi-judicial body? Explain with the help of concrete examples.2016
  • Discuss the possible factors that inhibit India from enacting for its citizen a uniform civil code as provided for in the Directive Principles of State Policy.2015
  • The concept of cooperative federalism has been increasingly emphasised in recent years. Highlight the drawbacks in the existing structure and the extent to which cooperative federalism would answer the shortcomings.2015
  • In absence of well – educated and organised local level government system, ‘Panchayats’ and ‘Samitis’ have remained mainly political institutions and not effective instruments of governance. Critically discuss.2015
  • Khap panchayats have been in the news for functioning as extra – constitutional authorities, often delivering pronouncements amounting to human rights violations. Discuss critically the actions taken by the legislative, executive and the judiciary to set the things right in this regard.2015
  • Resorting to ordinances has always raised concern on violation of the spirit of separation of powers doctrine. While noting the rationales justifying the power to promulgate ordinances, analyse whether the decisions of the Supreme Court on the issue have further facilitated resorting to this power. Should the power to promulgate the ordinances be repealed?2015
  • What are the major changes brought in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 through the recent Ordinance promulgated by the President? How far will it improve India’s dispute resolution mechanism? Discuss.2015
  • Does the right to clean environment entail legal regulation on burning crackers during Diwali? Discuss in the light of Article 21 of Indian Constitution and Judgement(s) of the Apex court in this regard.2015



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