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UPSC Mains: Science & Technology Previous Year Questions

GS paper 3 is often challenging for many candidates. To simplify the preparation process analysis of previous year papers is a very productive step. GS SCORE Mains PYQ explained (Paper 3) presents to you detailed explanation of year wise PYQs that will help you in developing an approach to study

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₹ 1200

Course Fee
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Program Highlights

  1. 1 Session for Trend Analysis 
  2. 3 Session for Theme Discussion
  3. 24 Previous Year Questions Discussion

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The module includes following components to give you a holistic coverage of the PYQs:

  • Trend analysis & Approach: This includes video discussion on trends of questions asked from 2015-2021 by UPSC along with detailed approach to the subject.
  • Themes Discussion: To demarcate the important areas, the entire syllabus has divided into various themes. In Depth video discussion will be provided on each theme.
  • Model Answers: For each PYQ Model Approach and Model Hints shall be provided.
  • Answer Discussion: For each PYQ answer discussion will be available focusing on concepts explanation approach to the answer.
  • Probable questions: At the end of the each answer discussion videos we will also provide probable question and dimensions from the same topic to enhance your outlook towards the topic.

Note:  Validity of the course will be till 2025 with updated sessions of 2022 and 2023 Mains question discussion.

Sample Question, Model Answer & Discussion Video



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