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Bookshelf : Thinking, Fast and Slow

  • Published
    12th Apr, 2022

About the Book
This book is a landmark in economic research and looks into decision-making psychology and applies that to economic decisions we make. Daniel Kahneman, got a Nobel Prize in Economics and this book is a summary of his work. The author's aim is to prove to us that we are not rational beings to the extent we think we are, that evolution has seen to that. And that being the case, the book outlines what we need to know so as not to mess up decisions like we have been doing--like we all do.  Are humans perfectly rational? We simply don’t like being told that we are not very rational and certainly not as intelligent as we think we are. Hidden in the depths of our consciousness, are some ‘actors’ that keep tempering with our ‘rationality’. And we almost consciously allow this to happen.


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