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19th September 2023 (9 Topics)

10th meeting of India-Malaysia Joint Sub-Committee


The 10th meeting of India-Malaysia Joint Sub-Committee on Defence Science, Technology and Industry Cooperation was held in New Delhi on September 18, 2023.

About the meet:

  • The meeting was co-chaired by Joint Secretary (Naval Systems), Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence and Under Secretary, Defence Industry Division, Ministry of Defence, Malaysia.
  • During the meeting, the existing defence research and industry cooperation between the two countries was reviewed and discussions were held on issues pertaining to mutual interest.
  • Both sides explored effective and practical initiatives to further expand the ongoing interactions related to the defence industry sector.

India-Malaysia relations:

  • Historical Ties: India and Malaysia have deep historical connections, with Indian traders and immigrants contributing to Malaysia's cultural diversity.
  • Trade Partnership: Bilateral trade is robust, with Malaysia being a significant exporter of palm oil to India, while India exports machinery, textiles, and chemicals.
  • Diplomatic Strains: Political issues, such as Malaysia's criticism of India's actions in Kashmir, have strained relations, leading to trade restrictions on palm oil.
  • Cultural Exchanges: Cultural ties are strengthened through various festivals and events, fostering people-to-people connections.
  • Indian Diaspora: Malaysia hosts a sizable Indian diaspora, contributing to socio-cultural interactions and trade connections between the two countries.

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