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19th September 2023 (9 Topics)

The Health of Nations


Health is today a political priority and is linked with economic interests and international relations. It's concerning that the world's leaders cannot make sure that poorer countries must get what need from global rules and systems.

Global South in Foreign Policy

  • Inclusive Global Leadership: G20 presidencies from the Global South show a positive trend in prioritizing the needs of less endowed countries.
  • Questioning equity: The intersection of global health and foreign policy raises questions about equity.
  • Health must be the priority: Foreign policy's role in health can be either self-serving or driven by global altruism.

Challenges in Global Health Governance

  • Lack of R & D: Global health governance should ensure equitable access to healthcare, fair R&D, and balanced research
  • Gaps in global leadership: The COVID-19 pandemic exposed gaps in global leadership, with national interests often taking precedence.
  • Cooperation form international bodies: Existing frameworks like the International Health Regulations and WHO fell short in addressing the pandemic's challenges.

The Way Forward for Global Governance

  • Need of a strategy: Geopolitical interests often overshadow global equity, highlighting the need for checks and balances.
  • Aligning National Interest: Future conventions must focus on aligning national interests with global equity goals.
  • Covert commitments to policies: Effective global governance mechanisms are essential to translate commitments into action for the benefit of all nations.
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