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19th September 2023 (9 Topics)

Corridor to a New World


With the recently introduced India-Middle East-Europe Corridor (IMEC) has immense potential to put India, Middle East and Europe on collective path to growth, triggering regional and global cooperation.

Historic Establishment of IMEC

  • Global Summit for Connectivity: World leaders convened in New Delhi to establish IMEC, fostering trade and connectivity on a global scale.
  • Ancient Roots, Modern Vision: IMEC draws inspiration from ancient trade routes, envisioning a reliable, cost-effective transport network for goods and services.
  • Revolutionizing Regional Trade: IMEC shortens transit times and enhances accessibility, promising economic benefits for India, the Middle East, and Europe.

IMEC's Dual Corridors and Infrastructure Challenges

  • Two Vital Corridors: IMEC comprises an eastern corridor connecting India to the Arabian Gulf and a northern corridor linking the Gulf to Europe.
  • Eastern Strength, Western Potential: India boasts robust infrastructure in the east, while the west offers established sea routes to Europe.
  • Bridging Land Gaps: The main challenge is connecting Gulf and Mediterranean ports, especially the critical Saudi Arabia-Haifa Standardization and funding are essential.

IMEC's Advantages and Vision

  • Green and Sustainable Growth: IMEC includes electricity and hydrogen pipelines, contributing to eco-friendly development and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • India's Leadership Role: India, as a regional leader, can support rail projects through its public sector units, enhancing connectivity.
  • Global Cooperation for Prosperity: IMEC initiates a new era of global cooperation, fostering socio-economic development across continents, benefiting millions.
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