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27th May 2023 (5 Topics)

A fountainhead of the people’s hopes and aspirations


The inauguration of a new Parliament building presents an opportunity for us to seriously introspect on our parliamentary conduct

Challenges of Parliament House

  • Shortage of space: There exists shortage of space inside the existing parliament house.
  • Little space for improvements: Present parliament building is retrofitted many times, which has left little space for further improvements.
  • Absence of modern Facilities: The In 2015, the speaker Sumitra Mahajan, wrote to Minister of Urban Affairs to have a new parliament building equipped with state of the art facilities.

Equipped for the needs of today

  • Updated technology: New parliament building is equipped with the state of the art facilities which meets the current and future demands. It is more spacious and energy efficient.
  • Incorporates various languages: New Parliament is building will be able to accommodate various languages with the state of the art facilities for simultaneous interpretations.
  • Improve efficiency of secretariats: Better gadgets, access to an e-library and important reports will enhance the capacity of the legislator and improve the efficiency of the secretariats of parliament.

Way forward

  • Easing tensions: It is hoped that providing members with appropriate functional space and up-to-date amenities will help to ease tension and facilitate meaningful talks.
  • Ready for upcoming difficulties: The new Parliament building should serve as a reminder for us to get ready and outfitted for the upcoming difficulties.
  • Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat: The New Building would serve as a beacon to direct us on our ambitious quest to create "Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat," serving as a source of the people's hopes and aspirations.
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