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6th September 2022 (6 Topics)

After INS Vikrant, India’s next steps should be a new carrier, submarines


Recently, the government commissioned India’s first indigenously built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant which is built by Cochin Shipyard Limited.

  • Considering India’s crucial role in growing geopolitical threats, the third carrier is a necessity to counter.


About INS Vikrant:

  • IAC Vikrant is the largest warship to have ever been built in India and is also the first indigenously designed and built Aircraft Carrier for the Indian Navy.
  • IAC Vikrant is 262 m long and 62 m wide and displaces approx. 43000 T when fully loaded, having a maximum designed speed of 28 Knots with an endurance of 7500 NM.
  • Designed by the Indian Navy's in-house Directorate of Naval Design (DND) and built by the CSL, a Public Sector Shipyard under the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways
  • It is capable of carrying more than 30 assorted aircraft including combat jets and helicopters.
  • It boasts a fully-fledged state-of-art medical complex with the latest medical equipment facilities including major modular OT, emergency modular OT, physiotherapy clinic, ICU, laboratories, CT scanner, X-Ray machines, dental complex, isolation ward, and telemedicine facilities.

Indian Navy: National Security Plan

  • In 1999, the government approved a 30-year plan for 24 conventional submarines.
  • This was later modified to 18 conventional and six nuclear-powered submarines.
  • The plan was to build six under Project 75, six under Project 75(I), and six under Project 76.
  • Projects 75 and 75(I) were supposed to build design and manufacturing capability and facilitate the transfer of technology.
  • Project 76 was to build Indian-designed submarines.
  • The 75(I) and 76 were to be equipped with Air-Independent-Propulsion (AIP) systems that could boost underwater endurance, suppress noise, and increase stealth.
  • The aircraft carrier and the submarine are the prime platforms of India’s naval power.
  • INS Vikrant definitely gives us a cause to feel elated.

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