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17th January 2024 (10 Topics)

Atal Setu is bad for Mumbai


Planners and urban planning need to start making our urban futures with the urban social and ecological context of the 21st century and not with the dated plans of the past.

Mumbai's Infrastructure Development

  • Prime Minister's Inauguration: Narendra Modi inaugurates Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, Atal Setu, projecting it as a symbol of world-class development.
  • Outdated City-Making Approach: Urban planners worldwide have moved to eco-friendly city-making, but Mumbai's recent infrastructural projects reflect a dated and problematic mode.
  • Environmental Impact: Rapid concretization and infrastructuring contribute to environmental issues, including air quality deterioration and increased rainwater runoff.

Unintended Benefits for Climate Mitigation

  • Slow City Plans: Planners complain about the sluggish realization of development plans in Mumbai during an event hosted by Mumbai City Labs.
  • Promise in Failure: The slow implementation of city plans preserves open spaces, wetlands, and playgrounds, offering vital climate mitigation and adaptation services.
  • Current Environmental Consequences: Recent infrastructure projects lead to air quality issues and rainwater runoff, showcasing failures to account for the city's ecological dependency.

Infrastructure Planning for a Climate-Changed City

  • Failures Rooted in Past Vision: Failures in planning are attributed to the persistence of outdated planning ideas from the 1960s, influencing Mumbai's current planners.
  • Addressing Air Quality Crisis: Infrastructure planning needs a re-imagination that addresses and mitigates the air quality crisis caused by current infrastructural endeavors.
  • Preserving Critical Ecosystem Services: Open spaces, intertidal regions, and mangroves provide essential services, emphasizing the need to incorporate them into future urban planning.
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