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27th April 2022 (8 Topics)

Border Haat at Indo-Bangladesh border finally opens


The Border Haat at Indo-Bangladesh border in Meghalaya has been finally opened after a gap of two years.


Border Haats 

  • The border haats are set up at the zero line of international border with one part on Indian side and the other in Bangladesh
  • The Haats is focus on importance of restoration of economic and commercial ties between the people living on either side of our Borders.
  • There are no border haats in operation along the Bhutan and Myanmar borders.
  • At present, India and Bangladesh have seven established Border Haats and nine more new Border Haats are in the pipeline.
  • Border Haats enable local residents on both sides of the border to trade the local produce.

Meghalaya-Bangladesh border:

  • Kalaichar (India)-Baliamari (Bangladesh)
  • Dalora (Bangladesh)-Balat (India)
  • Ryngku (India)- Bagan Bari (Bangladesh)
  • Nalikata (India)- Saydabad (Bangladesh)

Tripura-Bangladesh Border

  • Srinagar-Ramgarh border in Tripura
  • Sepahijala (India)-Brahmanbaria (Bangladesh)

Procedure of Haat

  • Selected commodities from both countries would be traded during, the border hatt period.
  • Business in haat would take place once in a week initially.
  • It is anticipated that the haat would cater the livelihood option to more than thousands of marginal income families and small traders of both the countries.
  • Business in the haat would take place once a week among people living within 5 km radius of the border who would sell and buy locally produced goods and crops.
  • No local taxes would be imposed on the itemsto be sold in the haats and currencies of both the countries would prevail
  • It would be beneficial for people of the region as no tax would be imposed on the items to be sold in the haat andcurrencies of both the countries will be allowed.

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